Redefining Real Estate With Mixed Reality

For the longest time, the real estate industry has relied upon a lot of manual work and human-dependent operations. Be it physically staging a property for buyers or setting the right expectations with accurate building demos on brochures or 3D models, a real estate developer faces numerous challenges to win the trust and connect people with their dream property.

Key Real Estate Challenges

Heavy investment in physical staging of the property

Convincing clients before construction

Painting an accurate picture of the property

Longer time to close deals due to ineffective demos

Wastage of time and money to arrange physical visits frequently

Adoption of high-tech smart solutions in commercial real estate

The rise of augmented reality applications in the past three years has opened exciting doors for real estate businesses to address the above challenges effectively and increase the effectiveness of their business.

Goldman Sachs Global Investment Research forecasts $2.6 billion in VR/AR software assumptions for real estate use by 2025

WOWSOME Mixed Reality solutions for real estate empowers you with cutting-edge AR/VR/MR solutions that can help you connect and build trust with your prospects and establish yourself as a pioneer in implementing the latest technology in your business operations.

1Virtual Reality Property

2Real Estate Visualization

3Virtual Staging with AR

4AR Wayfinding

5Real Estate Marketing


Virtual 3D Walkthrough- Property Tour in Pocket

Take your prospects on an interactive 3D tour of the property from the comfort of their private location. We map your property in real time using state-of-the-art cameras and develop a gesture-based interactive walkthrough experience that can be delivered through your regular communication channels- SMS, Brochures, WhatsApp, Email, Social Media, Website. Your prospects can access this virtual tour of the property using their smartphones from wherever they are.

Property Mapping

Interactive Tour

App Integration/
Custom URL

Marketing Channels

One-click Tour

Virtual 3D Walkthrough- Property Tour in Pocket

Experience the power of the virtual tour without any device limitations

No VR headset required for the immersive experience

Fully immersive experience using smartphones

360-degree experience on desktop and mobile website

Custom branded URLs to share across all marketing channels


Interactive Real Estate Visualization

With our real estate visualization solutions, you can make your prospects actually step into their future property and explore it from all angles in a fully immersive 360-degree environment. You can justify the value of the property by capturing the imagination of your prospects and close deals quickly.

Place life-size 3D model of the property anywhere through advanced terrain mapping and geo-location technology
Realistic visualization of exterior and interiors of the property at any stage of construction
Compelling visual narrative of the proposed construction that captures the imagination of your prospects

Interactive Real Estate Visualization Before/During Construction

The interactive real estate visualization can be delivered through a custom enterprise app as well as branded web URL which you can share with your clients through SMS/Email/WhatsApp. All they need is a smartphone or tab through which they can explore the property from wherever they are.

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Virtual Staging with Augmented Reality

83% of buyers' agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize a property as their future home (Source: NAR)

With Augmented Reality, you can significantly reduce time and money spent on the physical staging.

Tons of custom virtual home design options that help the prospect visualize the finished property
Unlimited personalization options using 3D furniture and design models
Virtual furnishing and designing without investing in renting furnishings

Through such AR interior design options in your enterprise app, you can enhance the physical staging of a newly constructed property and give a unique experience to your prospects during site visits. Not only will you save money on staging but also remove friction in buying with realistic interior visualization.

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Smart Indoor Navigation with AR Wayfinding

GPS has transformed the way we move from one place to another and made lives of people extremely easy to find unfamiliar locations. However, when it comes to navigating indoors in a large building, be it of a corporate IT park, universities, museums, hospitals, luxury malls, office buildings, or commercial housing societies, people still have to rely on asking directions manually to go from one place to another.

With indoor wayfinding powered by Augmented reality, you can equip the interiors of your complex with smart navigation instructions. People inside these locations can follow digital directions overlaid on the live feed of their camera. You can also enable hyperlocal content that can be unlocked and accessed when people enter a specific spot in the building such as shopping offers, dining options, etc.

Scope of Indoor Wayfinding




Housing Societies




Government Buildings


Immersive Real Estate Marketing with AR

Marketing remains the most crucial component for any real estate business to reach out to their prospects. Be it the print advertisements, marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, or digital ads on social media and search engines, there are plenty of options for you to reach out to your target group.

However, the challenge of effective property visualization on these mediums remain the same. Static 2D images on brochures or concept videos do little to spark the imagination of people and strike an emotional connection.

With WOWSOME Marketing solutions, you can supercharge your existing marketing assets with augmented reality and trigger any property visualization (discussed in above solutions) through several marketing channels.

  • AR Property Catalogues & Print Ads
  • Mixed Reality Booths
  • AR Advertisements

AR Property Catalogues & Print Ads

Turn your existing property brochures, flyers, and even print advertisements into interactive experiences powered by AR.

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Mixed Reality Booths

Stand out from your competition in trade shows and promote your real estate business with immersive real estate experiential booths that offer gamified experiences and instantly engage visitors.

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AR Advertisements

Increase engagement and leads by triggering immersive property visualizations and interactive content through Google and social media ads.

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Benefits of our Real Estate solutions

WOWSOME Real Estate Mixed Reality solutions aid your property business to thrive and achieve maximum ROI through smart integration of the latest technology and help you gain a tremendous competitive advantage.

    • Immersive property
      visualizations anytime

    • Effective property demos
      & immersive ads through
      multiple channels

    • Smart city compatible
      technology for commercial

    • Build confidence and trust
      among clients

    • Eliminate the need for
      frequent visits

    • Increase in property sales
      before & during the
      construction phase

    • Track sales and marketing
      engagements with
      ROI measurement

Are you ready to redefine your real estate projects?