Augmented Reality Solutions for the Publishing Industry

Print Transformation

The publishing industry is going through a major transformation. Rise of digital publishing platforms, declining reader interest and engagement on print mediums & increase in online readership have led to the need for a disruption of the traditional approach of delivering content and engaging readers on print.

Information Overload

In the current era, people have constant access to content from multiple channels. This constant information overload, coupled with the fact that today people spend an enormous amount of time with their digital devices like smartphones, poses a big challenge to the traditional print industry.

A New Integrated Medium

Not only do you have to cut through the content overload to gain attention by offering a unique experience, but also figure out a way to keep them engaged. The key here is not to see print and digital platforms as separate, but as a collaborative, integrated medium to maximize the reach and effectiveness of your message.

WOWSOME Immersive Print solutions offer you this integrated platform that bridges the gap between traditional print and modern digital through augmented reality.

These solutions allow your readers to consume print content in an interactive way that keeps them engaged and encourages follow-up actions.

Immersive Content Delivery

Deliver interactive content in the live environment of the user through smartphones

Smart integration between digital and print

Enable relevant digital actions on the print content that bridges the gap between the two media

Powerful Data Tracking & Analytics

Track user actions and engagement level for accurate ROI measurement

With our suite of Immersive Publishing Solutions, we help you achieve your ultimate publishing goals:

Engage readers and build an emotional connection with them

Increase ROI by converting regular print ads to interactive ads

Measure real-time engagement of readers through smart data analytics

Know your target audience through crucial insights from data

Our immersive print solutions cover a range of publishing mediums and offer unique features and benefits for each.


Empower your journalism with augmented reality to deliver immersive news stories

  • Add digital content (videos, editor's opinion, exclusive footage) overlaid on your news stories
  • Attract brands and advertisers with your reach & engagement data on print ads
  • Offer an integrated reading experience through an easy transition between print and digital


Maximize the impact of your content on readers and advertisers

  • Engage your target readers through special interactive content unique to your genre
  • Make your print advertisements fully interactive with augmented reality
  • Drive your print magazine readers to your mobile app and increase your digital readership
  • Release fully interactive special print editions to attract fans and tech-savvy millennials


Bring life to stories and excitement in learning through interactive AR books

  • Add a fun and interactive digital experience to your print books to enhance storytelling
  • Enrich learning experience with interactive multimedia content overlaid on textbooks
  • Connect and engage your readers through interactive book covers
  • Take storytelling for kids to the next level by delivering interactive 3D content in the live environment

Digital Publishers

Deliver your content in the real environment of your readers

  • Power your blogs and websites with web-based Augmented Reality experiences
  • Deliver immersive content in the reader surroundings
  • Create Mixed Reality experiences on your blog and engage readers like never before with Interactive Storytelling
  • Drive advertising revenues through immersive digital banner ads powered by AR

We offer a Mixed Reality Experience that is customized according to your platform, readers, and needs of a particular campaign.

Read how we helped The Hindu leverage the power of augmented reality and introduce interactive advertisements.

Are you ready to supercharge your print with augmented reality and offer an interactive experience to your readers?