Mixed Reality solutions for Publishing

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Publishing Challenges

    • How to track the performance of ads and content
    • How to keep readers from switching to Digital Media
    • How to charge for advertisements based on performance
    • How to deliver engaging additional content
    • How to make content viral


  • Track performance of your content with data on Reader Engagement
  • Combine Print and Digital content for an immersive reading experience
  • Track and charge advertisers for reader actions - views, lead generation, conversions and social sharing
  • Delivery engaging Audio Visual & 3D content on smartphones, using Augmented Reality
  • Let users share their favorite content on Social Media channels

“The Hindu” used WOWSOME Interactive Print to create a unified experience across Print & Digital for 6 Million+ readers.

Our Work

    • We are an industry leader in creating Mixed Reality solutions for Publishing. Our solutions power immersive experiences for over 7 Million readers across India. With 1,400 activations, we have delivered the largest number of activations for any Mixed Reality company.
    • We empower top publications, like The Hindu, [another company name here] to create immersive experiences for their readers.
    • We have helped over 30 brands reach more than 7 Million readers, and engage more than 40,000 readers - across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 ad campaigns.
    • Check out these videos to see our work in action.
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