Mixed Reality Solutions Across Industries


AR publishing solutions that bridge the gap between traditional print & modern digital through augmented reality. Engage your readers and maximize advertising revenues through interactive content delivery, analytics, & monetization options.

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Immersive event experiences, powered by mixed reality technology, that allow your attendees to not only interact with your brand but also have fun in the process. Automated check-in, gamified kiosks, & live crowd analytics.

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Entertainment & Media

Build the right emotional connection and increase engagement on all mediums including TV, Web, Newspapers, and Apps. Interactive posters, immersive BTL activations, interactive TV broadcasting with mixed reality, and more.

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Captivate your target group and keep them engaged with your brand at all points in the buyer journey. Engaging product discovery, smart offline stores, & interactive post-purchase experience integrated across offline & online mediums.

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Real Estate

Cutting edge AR/VR/MR solutions to help you connect with your buyers & close deals faster. 3D property tours, virtual staging with augmented reality, AR Wayfinding, & interactive real estate marketing.

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Revolutionize the automobile buying experience across all touchpoints through innovative applications of augmented reality. Immersive vehicle visualization, smart dealerships, AR manual & servicing.

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Mobile AR & Immersive Banking solutions to solve the most pressing issues in customer experience prevalent in traditional retail banking. Interactive bank cards, geo-location AR offers, & state-of-the-art branch experience through vision data.

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Our Work

  • We are an industry leader in creating Mixed Reality solutions for Publishing. Our solutions power immersive experiences for over 7 Million readers across India. With 1,400 activations, we have delivered the largest number of activations for any Mixed Reality company.
  • We empower top publications, like The Hindu, [another company name here] to create immersive experiences for their readers.
  • We have helped over 30 brands reach more than 7 Million readers, and engage more than 40,000 readers - across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 ad campaigns.
  • Check out these videos to see our work in action.
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