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Power your online marketing with interactive AR advertisements

Augmented reality has opened exciting new doors for marketing professionals who want to connect with their target audience in a meaningful manner. Be it BTL activations with interactive kiosks or turning print ads to interactive experiences, AR marketing solutions cover a wide range of mediums. However, digital advertising is one aspect of marketing that still remains isolated from immersive experiences.

This is set to change with the rise of Web AR- web-based augmented reality experiences that can be delivered through modern smartphone browsers without downloading any extra app. Your target group just need to click your digital ads and give camera access permission to the website when prompted from within the browser to experience exclusive AR ads.

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Immersive ads using augmented reality and mixed reality provide your brand with a number of benefits and maximize your advertising ROI.

    • Better engagement

      People spend a longer time with interactive advertisements and AR content

    • Web-based analytics

      You can measure the performance of AR ads just like any other digital ads by using Google Analytics

    • Realistic product experience

      By showcasing your products in a live environment, you give a realistic experience that leaves a strong impact on users

    • Emotional connection

      Interacting with virtual products in 3D builds an emotional connection with the brand even before the purchase

    • Interactive storytelling

      Mixed reality as a storytelling medium has huge potential which can be leveraged through web-based immersive experiences

Through our extensive experience in developing mixed reality solutions, we already have standard immersive content offerings which can be easily plugged into your digital advertising workflow. You can choose from any of the following interactive content types to be delivered via digital ads.

  • Mixed Reality Stories
  • Interactive Print
  • Photoreal Catalogue
  • Mixed Reality Portal
  • 360 Degree Videos & VR View

Mixed Reality Stories

Bring characters, brand mascots, and celebrities into the real environment of the users. Enable users to click pictures, record videos, and share on social media

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Interactive Print

Allow your users to scan print collaterals like newspaper ads, packaging, brochures etc. and experience interactive content with CTAs towards desired user action

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Photoreal Catalogue

Experience an immersive, life-size 3D view of your products in virtual view or augmented view

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Mixed Reality Portal

Give 3D Virtual walk-throughs of any physical space, be it a real estate property or a factory tour

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360 Degree Videos & VR View

Trigger special Virtual Reality view where users can experience 360-degree videos and 3D objects in an immersive environment

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WOWSOME solutions help you move beyond the novelty of an immersive experience. At our core, we are storytellers with a passion for immersive technology. Our creative team helps you craft an interactive narrative that tells the story of your brand or product rather than just implementing a tech solution. With our approach, your digital marketing campaigns powered by AR stand out from your competitors and establish you as a visionary brand.

Our Work

  • WOWSOME has already delivered 1,400+ mixed reality marketing campaigns, the highest for any Mixed Reality company in the world.
  • We empower Fortune 500 brands and Billion dollar companies like Citigroup, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom to create great marketing experiences for their audience.
  • We have helped over 30 brands reach and impact 7 Million plus audience, and engage 40,000+- across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 marketing campaigns.
  • Our multi-channel marketing helps Brands reach their audience across mobile, Web, Social Media, eCommerce, Print, Events, Retail and Outdoor channels.
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