Mixed Reality in Marketing

Empower your Marketing with Immersive Tech to Reach your Goals

Marketing industry in 2019 faces a number of complex challenges, mainly due to the rise of digital mediums and shift in consumer behaviour.


Ineffective integrated marketing strategy

The presence of multiple customer touchpoints across traditional and new marketing mediums makes it challenging to execute an integrated marketing campaign.

WOWSOME helps you:

Create and manage unified & engaging brand experiences across all channels
Deliver live digital content, quick links & the power of call-to-action on traditional print collateral
With fast, efficient, accurate, targeted, & personalised content creation and delivery across media
Gain access to tools and data capture that emulate those available for digital marketers

Low engagements in BTL marketing activations

Poor product visualization, lack of an interactive narrative about the product, & boring product demos and point-of-displays in offline activations fail to generate any positive brand recall or create an impact on people.

WOWSOME helps you:

Incorporate interactive brand storytelling through a digitized terminal featuring specialized hardware and software
Deploy experiential solutions where experience is triggered by human presence and natural gestures
Engage audiences with immersive mixed reality experiences
Enable 3D product visualization with part-by-part detailing through photo-realism
Offer live engagement with life-size product models with detailed specifications

Data Collection & ROI measurement Across Channels

The biggest challenge for marketers is to justify and measure the ROI of marketing activities across offline and online mediums.

WOWSOME helps you:

Track audience across channels-retail, exhibits, mobile, print and web
Build a consolidated database of visitors and customers across offline & online touch-points
Measure, monitor, and report data from offline BTL activations
Measure offline print advertising performance & ROI
Getting high-quality user data for offline marketing channels

Explore Our Marketing Solutions

Interactive Print

Turn your print ads and marketing collaterals into digital interactive experiences with quick links and CTAs and measure the accurate impact, performance, and ROI

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Interactive Kiosk

Gamify your BTL activations through mixed reality interactive kiosk and engage your target group in memorable experiences that enhance your brand recall and value

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Digital Marketing

Power your online advertisements on Google, social media with web-based augmented reality and offer unique brand experience that can be delivered through smartphone browsers

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With Our Suite of Immersive Mixed Reality Solutions, We Help You Achieve and Crush Your Marketing Goals

Instantaneously engage the audience with your brand

Generate high-quality leads and sales from your offline marketing activities

Justify ROI of all marketing initiatives through efficient data collection

Power Your Marketing With Mixed Reality Solutions By WOWSOME

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RCB during IPL 2018

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Our Work

  • We are an industry leader in creating Mixed Reality marketing solutions. We have delivered 1,400+ marketing campaigns, the highest for any Mixed Reality company in the world.
  • We empower Fortune 500 brands and Billion dollar companies like Citigroup, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom to create great marketing experiences for their audience.
  • We have helped over 30 brands reach and impact 7 Million plus audience, and engage 40,000+- across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 marketing campaigns.
  • Our mixed reality integrated marketing helps Brands reach their audience across radio, television, Mobile, Internet, Print, exhibits, Retail and Outdoor channels.
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