Mixed Reality solutions for Marketing

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Marketing Challenges

    • How to track the performance of ads and content
    • How to keep readers from switching to Digital Media
    • How to charge for advertisements based on performance
    • How to deliver engaging additional content
    • How to make content viral


    • Generate leads, conversions and Social Shares on Print advertisements
    • Track customers over Mobile, Print, Web and Offline channels, across entire lifecycle
    • Engage Brand audience with Mixed Reality experiences for Events, Mobile Apps and Outdoor Advertisements
    • Create or repurpose content for Mixed Reality marketing, with our easy to use tools
    • Automatically customize content for each customer

Mahindra Supro launched the Supro - a small commercial truck in 2017. To efficiently communicate product benefits, WOWSOME created a Mixed Reality interactive solution for a nationwide marketing campaign - successfully generating 8000+ leads and 100+ instant bookings. For more details, check out our Case Study.

Our Work

    • We are an industry leader in creating Mixed Reality marketing solutions. We have delivered 1,400+ marketing campaigns, the highest for any Mixed Reality company in the world.
    • We empower Fortune 500 brands and Billion dollar companies like Citigroup, Proctor & Gamble, Viacom to create great marketing experiences for their audience.
    • We have helped over 30 brands reach and impact 7 Million plus audience, and engage 40,000+- across 3 years, 14 cities and 42 marketing campaigns.
    • Our multi channel marketing helps Brands reach their audience across Mobile, Web, Social Media, Ecommerce, Print, Events, Retail and Outdoor channels.
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