Mixed Reality Solutions for Customer Service

Customer service in the 21st century has evolved from a siloed function to an integral part of overall brand experience. Today people expect a stellar post-purchase and service experience and are not afraid to switch brands if you fail to provide them with an exceptional service experience.

The advent of immersive technologies like augmented reality and mixed reality has ushered in an era of visual and interactive customer experience. Imagine your target group pointing their smartphone at your product or service manual and getting immersive 3D instructions for self-service and support!

Companies all over the world have already begun implementing this technology to solve complex challenges and remove friction from their customer service options.

WOWSOME offers customized AR solutions for customer service that help you get started on implementing immersive tech into your operations in a simple, scalable, and efficient manner.

Interactive Guided Installation & Self Service

Let your products and services interact with the user through digital instructions when the user views the product with their smartphone. All they need to do is to tap at different touchpoints on the product and learn step-by-step instructions for installation, maintenance, and service operations digitally overlaid on physical products.

Immersive User Manuals

Enhance your paper manuals that are complex to understand and disconnected from a common user. With augmented reality, you can convert your paper service manuals to immersive AR catalogues that allow your users to visualize your product in life-size 3D in their physical space & access interactive instructions.

AR Remote Assistance

Your field service technicians can offer remote support through an augmented reality layer on your existing support. They can access the live view of your customer's environment through a smartphone camera or a headset and based on the input, offer guidance in real-time for troubleshooting or maintenance.

Using augmented reality in customer service, you can add an interactive visual layer over your current systems and processes. This leads to several benefits to both your target group and field service technicians and optimizes your overall customer service operations.

No friction in installation and product usage

Super easy access to information about various parts and specifications

Interactive troubleshooting and instant remote assistance in AR

Improved productivity, safety, and efficiency in the field service

Reduced cost, faster resolution time, better customer satisfaction

Saving of Time and resources, otherwise needed for personalized support

WOWSOME AR Service solutions offer you a number of benefits that are a result of our research in computer vision and mixed reality technology along with a large experience in solving challenges with immersive technology.

    • Quick Adoption

      WOWSOME solutions eliminate the usual bottlenecks involved in the adoption and implementation of new technology on a large scale with our expertise and evolve rapidly with the ongoing innovations

    • No Additional Equipment Needed

      Unlike most sophisticated mixed reality solutions that need an expensive headset at present, our solutions can easily make use of smartphones which are already ready to support AR content

    • Seamless Integration

      Our mobile AR solutions can be integrated with your existing enterprise app and make use of your existing content like AUTOCAD designs, 3D models, etc. to develop a seamless AR service solution

    • Agile Approach

      We follow an extremely agile process to innovate and provide customized solutions that are ready to be deployed as fast as possible

Augmented reality is a powerful tool for your organization to improve your service and enhance the overall customer experience. Connect with us to explore customized applications of AR to your existing service workflow.