Photoreal Product Catalogue

Bring life to your product demonstrations, accelerate your sales with augmented reality

Key Features of Photoreal Product Catalogue

Immersive 3D Product

Get your prospects to visualize your products in virtual 3D from all angles and learn about various parts and features through part-by-part detailing

Live AR
(Augmented Reality) View

Place 3D model of your product in the live environment of the prospect and give an accurate visual representation of size and positioning

Virtual Product

Enable your prospects to customize and visualize different configurations, varieties, colors, etc. of your product model in real-time without an actual product

WOWSOME Photoreal Product Catalogue empowers your sales and marketing teams to solve typical challenges in sales demos and showcase your line of products in an interactive way that is exciting, entertaining, and memorable.

Shorten the sales cycle and enable quick-decision making

A traditional sales process that involves a typical product demo with print catalogues is often ineffective to communicate all product features. With the interactive 3D catalogue, your prospects can engage with the 3D view of the product, learn features effortlessly, and gain more effective and well-rounded product information. They can take the final decision quickly saving you extra time in explaining all features.

Try-before-you-buy experience & real-time customization

With the power of augmented reality, photoreal product catalogue allows your prospects and buyers to visualize the product in their live environment and see if it is the right fit for their need. They can customize variants of the product with an interactive toggle feature that can change colours, add or remove features, etc. without any need of the actual product.

Eliminate costs in transportation of physical products or prototypes

Large size products especially heavy machinery and equipment take a lot of time, effort, and resources to be transported physically from one location to another for demonstration purpose. Through interactive 3D visualization and live AR view, photoreal catalogue completely eliminates the need to carry physical prototypes or actual products to the client site.

Set the right expectations and win the trust of your buyers

Understanding a product through brochures or pamphlets can be challenging for many people leading to wrong expectations. Even if you manage to convince them to buy a product, you stand a risk of losing your credibility if their expectations are not met. With the photoreal catalogue, you provide a realistic visual representation of products, give them a chance to experience your product before buying, and set the right expectations.

Reduce human dependency and travel scope in the sales process

Multiple salespersons are often engaged at various stages in the sales cycle. More often than not, they have to travel at the location of prospects to give demonstrations. By using the photoreal catalogue, you can empower your prospects to learn about your products and engage with them actively through their smartphones without you being present there. You can deliver an augmented 3D product demo through a simple web-link or exclusive mobile application.

Measure client engagement & make smarter forecast decisions

Engagement on traditional sales collaterals like brochures, pamphlets, or booklets can be difficult to measure quantitatively. The photoreal catalogue allows you to monitor and track engagement with virtual product demos and help you make better decisions about predicting the likelihood of buying. Based on this quantitative measurement of engagement, you can smartly classify and manage your sales pipeline.

Easy Delivery and Smooth Experience Across Multiple Mediums

The biggest advantage of WOWSOME Photoreal product catalogue is the smooth delivery of the experience through multiple mediums. You or your prospects do not need an additional headset or device to use this AR powered product demonstrations solution. With web-based AR technology, you can trigger the experience through a URL that opens in the mobile browser. You can also integrate AR capability within your existing enterprise sales app to aid your representatives.

With WOWSOME Photoreal Product Catalogue, you empower your sales team with a cutting-edge AR-powered solution for interactive product demonstrations and remove various points of friction in the entire sales process.

Are you ready to power your sales process with Photoreal Product Catalogue?