Bring your brand and audience together in a spectacular way

Empower users to create content using your branded themes, mascots, celebrities & products


Transform the reality of your user by delivering virtual brand content, product, persona (characters) with our breathtaking Mixed Reality Stories.

Features & Benefits

    • Brand recall & association

      Add brand ambassadors and mascots to user surroundings

    • User Generated Content Creation

      Capture and share photos and videos with mascot/ambassador

    • Interactive Storytelling

      Manipulate and interact with brand objects in Mixed Reality

    • Mobile app integration and SDK

      Integrate Mixed Reality experiences with your existing mobile apps

    • In-app lead generation

      Convert fans to customers with just one click

    • Personalization

      Increased engagement and conversions with highly relevant, personalized content


Virtual Avatars

Reach out to your audience through a customized virtual avatar for your Brand, with Mixed Reality Stories.

Location based services

The future of marketing is local. Drive conversions and engagement through location based content and reminders.

Time based reminders

Delight your customers with messages and content for special days ( holidays, birthday), regular events ( lunch, dinner) and specific intents ( calorie counter)

Brand Content Creation

Simplify brand content creation through user generated photos and videos with your brand mascots. Delight customers, reward them for content creation and convert them into evangelists.

Discover how Mixed Reality Stories can benefit your mobile engagement. Contact us for a free consultation.

Our clients using mixed reality stories

We have helped 50+ brands turbocharge their mobile marketing with our Mixed Reality mobile platform solutions, across Retail, Healthcare and Publishing industries.

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The Hindu

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Launching and marketing a new product isn't easy. Check out a case study on how the Mahindra Supro truck launch campaign reached thousands of potential customers, with technology powered by WOWSOME.

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DuPont Pexalon

WOWSOME created an experiential marketing solution to market Pexalon's Dupont. It spread awareness regarding BPH insects and also altered the habits of Indian farmers in order to achieve high yields.

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