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What is Interactive Kiosk

Interactive Kiosk is our flagship product for Mixed Reality installations. An Interactive Kiosk is a computer powered terminal, equipped with state of the art hardware and specialized software. Together, these components deliver an immersive, Mixed Reality experience, across a wide gamut of functions.

Interactive Kiosks can be used for Marketing, Communication, Entertainment, Education and Commerce.

What is Innteractive Kiosk

Engage People with your Products in Real-Time

Environment Variables


Gesture Navigation



Full Body

Interactive Kiosk Add-ons

  • Excitometer
  • Guerilla Game
  • Photo Booth
  • Check-In Kiosk
  • Data Visualization
  • Mixed Reality Stories


Measure your audience’s physical excitement and engage and reward them for it ! Capture their excitement on a scale and physically gamify your brand experience

  • Track vigorous body movements like dancing, jumping, waving
  • Let your audience control the Interactive Kiosk with physical excitement
  • Reward your audience for engaging actively with your brand
  • Create a lasting, entertaining brand engagement experience

Guerilla Game

Make your audience collect falling virtual objects around them ! Test their agility and reward them for speed and accuracy. The game of catch is now available in Mixed Reality !

  • Create Multi-player experiences for competition and collaboration
  • Use your brand and campaign assets to create custom, in game objects
  • Gamify your brand storytelling with a touch of fun and physical engagement
  • Reward your audience members for best and fastest engagement with your brand

Photo Booth

Visually engaging your audience and creating User Generated Brand content has never been easier, with our Photo Booth add on.

  • Bring your brand mascots and your audience together in a Mixed Reality environment
  • Seamlessly generate and distribute User Generated Content with Online Gallery and Social Media Sharing
  • Make the experience interactive with gesture control
  • Efficiently generate Audience leads and follow up for remarketing

Check-In Kiosk

Engaging and rewarding your event visitors has never been easier, with the interactive Check in Kiosk. Automatic check in, access control and targeted content delivery - all in a single solution

  • Visitors hold up invitations/passes against the camera to scan
  • Reject visitors or allow and register their visit
  • Deliver Audio Visual content at Check In Time, with Interactive Print features
  • Make the check in process automatic and informative for your visitors

Data Visualization

Your events are interactive and engaging. Why should your data be boring? Create stunning data visualizations in Mixed Reality with our add ons

  • Create Charts, Graphs, Videos and Infographics in Mixed Reality
  • Easily repurpose your existing data visualizations for Mixed Reality, with one click
  • Manipulate your visualizations in real time, with gesture controlled interactivity
  • Deliver better business communication and engagement, with a multi sensory, interactive data visualization experience

Mixed Reality Stories

Take User Generated Content to the next level and make your audience the star of your brand story. Create branded movies with your audience, instantly, anytime.

  • Pre record brand videos with your mascots/brand ambassadors, with chroma (green screen) shoot
  • Set up an Experiential Mixed Reality zone where audience participants can enact the scenes, with real time superposition of the participant in the brand video
  • Instantly share generated videos, with SMS, Email, Online gallery and Social Sharing
  • Deliver a truly superlative brand engagement and seamlessly generate leads for remarketing


Exhibitions and shows

Theatres and Multiplexes

Check in points and Entry Gates

Malls and Supermarkets

Product / Movie / Music Launch

Carnivals and Festivals

On ground BTL marketing events

Movies and TV show props

A complete Mixed Reality solution

Our Interactive Kiosk solution offers choice of several modules and dozens of gestures; can be deployed in a variety of environments, and integrates with a wide variety of CRM, Analytics and Media software.

Watch this 75 second video to get a complete overview of how Interactive Kiosks can help you.

Our clients using Interactive Kiosk

Our clients across the Real Estate, Automobile, Agriculture, Entertainment, Finance and Sports industries have used Interactive Kiosks, for functions as diverse as Recruiting, Marketing, Event Management and Sales

Discover how our solutions impacted them and helped them excel, in the case studies below.

Case Study

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The Hindu

Did you think print and digital cannot make it work together? Check out this case study on how The Hindu bridged the gap between print and digital medium with interactive print ads through Print Play-an augmented reality add-on by WOWSOME.

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Launching and marketing a new product isn't easy. Check out a case study on how the Mahindra Supro truck launch campaign reached thousands of potential customers, with technology powered by WOWSOME.

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DuPont Pexalon

WOWSOME created an experiential marketing solution to market Pexalon's Dupont. It spread awareness regarding BPH insects and also altered the habits of Indian farmers in order to achieve high yields.

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