Product Narrative

Interactive product storytelling with digital visualization on physical products

Go Beyond Boring Product Descriptions, Let Your Product Interact With User

WOWSOME Product Narrative, powered by augmented reality, is a customised solution accessible through an app or URL that can be used to interact with various touch points on an object. It is an immersive storytelling platform for your product that offers an interactive product description personalized to your target audience.

Key features of Interactive Product Narrative


Allow your customers to visualize the detailed design derived from 3D models by scanning the product in front of them

Feature and Part

Enable faster understanding of the product through detailed part descriptions digitally overlaid on the product in AR view

Custom Creative

Instantly engage people with an interactive story that tell the story of your product in augmented reality

With WOWSOME Interactive Product Narrative, you can offer a unique experience in different stages of the customer life cycle and deliver value-added content at each stage through augmented reality.

Engage People in Stores & Showrooms with Interactive Content

Tell the product story, label various parts and features, & demonstrate the working of product- all superimposed digitally over the physical product when viewed through a mobile device.

Faster and better understanding of the product

Empower people to actively explore and learn about your product and its features. They can scan the physical product placed in stores with a tablet or smartphone and experience immersive content overlaid in the live environment.

Interactive step-by-step installation & support post buying

Eliminate the need for boring manuals & installation guides. With product narrative, a person just needs to scan the product in front of them and they can see part-labels and follow step-by-step instructions for installation.

Get direct benefits at every customer touch-point while building an emotional bond between the user and the product.

1. Enhanced in-store product engagement with minimum human intervention

Instead of passive interaction with the products inside retail stores and showrooms, product narrative allows visitors to actively engage with the product and learn about it by simply scanning it with their phones.

2. Reduced decision time to purchase leading to increased leads and sales

With better understanding, your visitors can make up their mind faster and take quick action. Product narrative can also help them visualize different variations of the product in front of them in terms of size, colour, specs, etc.

3. Fully integrated with your CRM to monitor and measure all engagements

Interactive product narrative can be integrated directly with your CRM or sales app to help you automate and manage the process. You can measure product interactions, register interest, & aid your executives to streamline their pipeline.

4. Lesser load on customer service and support post buying

After buying, people can directly scan the product and gain access to informational content about the product, installation process, troubleshooting, & maintenance in the form of 3D interactive content thereby reducing the load on the customer support.

WOWSOME Interactive Product Narrative is a sophisticated, mobile, & agile solution powered by Augmented Reality technology with diverse applications. We design and customize it based on your particular business objectives and requirements. Get in touch with us now to discuss how you'd like to incorporate it into your organization.