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Mixed Reality solutions for your every business need

Interactive Print

Interactive Print

Unlock the power of Digital Media on your Print content. Use our Interactive Print solution to generate leads, capture revenue and drive engagement

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Interactive Kiosk

Infuse Mixed Reality into your physical surroundings with our Interactive Kiosk solution. Choose from a variety of Plug n Play modules, or create your own.

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Interactive Print
Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality Stories

Merge the real and the digital world with our Mixed Reality Stories solution. Deliver immersive experiences on your mobile apps and kiosks, boost audience engagement and stand out from your competitors.

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Photoreal Catalogue

AR visualization solution for interactive product demonstrations to showcase photorealistic, life-scale 3D products, augmented in the real world. Best to demonstrate your heavy equipment & machinery.

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Photoreal Catalogue
Interactive Product Narrative

Interactive Product Narrative

Customised AR solution that can detect 3D products in the real world & augment digital information over the product and allow user interaction with various digital touch points on the product to learn more about it.

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Web-Based Augmented Reality

Augmented reality experiences delivered through modern smartphone browsers without any extra app. Best for incorporating AR advertisements & boosting digital engagements.

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Web-Based Augmented Reality

Use Cases

Our Products are used across Industries, Business Areas & Job Roles

  • Industries
  • Business Areas
    • Publishing


      Digital, Interactive Content Delivery

      Content Engagement and Readership Data

      One Click Lead Generation

      App & Cloud Integration

    • Retail


      AR Product Discovery on Multiple Touch-points

      Immersive Visual Merchandising

      Smart Visitor Personalization

      Digitized Omnichannel Retail Stores

    • Banking


      Interactive bank cards

      AR Print Collaterals

      Geo-location AR Offers

      Smart Bank Branch

    • Events


      Seamless Entry & Check In

      Immersive Branding Experiences

      Interactive Experiences for High Engagement

      Audience Data and Analytics

    • Entertainment


      Innovative Content Consumption Formats

      Audience Insights and Analytics

      Scalable Mixed Reality Content Delivery Platform

      Customized Apps and On Ground Experiences

    • Automotive


      3D Vehicle Visualization

      Smart Dealerships

      AR Manual

      Remote AR Servicing

    • Real Estate

      Real Estate

      AR Product Discovery on Multiple Touch-points

      Immersive Visual Merchandising

      Smart Visitor Personalization

      Digitized Omnichannel Retail Stores

    • Sales


      Interactive, immersive product demonstrations

      Immediate lead capture

      Sales rep performance analytics and reporting

      Immersive, mobile first product narrative and storytelling

    • Marketing


      Seamless lead generation

      Multi channel Customer lifecycle tracking and analytics

      Mixed Reality Content Creation and Repurposing

      Personalized, localized content delivery

      Advanced ROI tracking and optimization

    • Customer Service

      Customer Service

      Interactive Guided Installation & Self Service

      AR Catalogues & User Manuals

      AR Remote Assistance

      Interactive troubleshooting

Case Study

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The Hindu

Did you think print and digital cannot make it work together? Check out this case study on how The Hindu bridged the gap between print and digital medium with interactive print ads through Print Play-an augmented reality add-on by WOWSOME.

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Launching and marketing a new product isn't easy. Check out a case study on how the Mahindra Supro truck launch campaign reached thousands of potential customers, with technology powered by WOWSOME.

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DuPont Pexalon

WOWSOME created an experiential marketing solution to market Pexalon's Dupont. It spread awareness regarding BPH insects and also altered the habits of Indian farmers in order to achieve high yields.

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