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#WOWSOMEFriday - A Mixed Reality Party [Case Study]

Experiential marketing is all about creating a state of mind where your audience is having fun consuming your brand content. Find out out how Mixed Reality can be the missing piece in the experiential marketing puzzle.

What does it take to make a party go from amazing to WOWSOME? Great ambience, lip smacking food, groove-worthy music, some alcohol and a lively bunch of people? The Mixed Reality Party at #WOWSOMEFriday had it all and more, thanks to our workspace in We Work, BKC. We Work is an environment that is very conducive to the mantra work hard, party harder- basically, the perfect place to host a sundowner and kickstart the weekend with a blast!

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Now that we had the perfect party planned, we had to add the WOWSOME experience to it. The motive behind the mixed reality event was to introduce and educate people about experiential marketing using mixed reality technology. The possibilities with new technologies such as VR, MR and AR are many, and WOWSOME aims to make these technologies accessible by commodotizing them, by making mixed reality available for business. In order to do so, it is important for people to understand how to deploy them to their advantage, most importantly, without having the shell out a pocket full. Besides, what can be a more effective way of convincing someone of experiential marketing than actually having them experience it? The #WOWSOMEFriday experience was envisioned and organised keeping exactly this in mind. The rationale behind organising a mixed reality event as a party as opposed to a seminar or exhibit was similar to the thought process behind our products- WOWSOME’s Mixed Reality campaigns can instantly make mundane campaigns fun for the user while at the same time give the marketer tangible outcomes such as leads and data, thus leveraging mixed reality for business. One can’t really experience the ‘fun’ component in an exhibition or seminar.



For the mixed reality event, the next step was to decide which of  WOWSOME’s experiential marketing campaigns must be installed at the event for the guests to experience. In 3 years, WOWSOME has successfully designed over 1500 experiential marketing campaigns, including interactive mixed reality games. After some thought and debate, the criteria for deciding was narrowed down to showing how diverse yet simple these  interactive experiences can be. Based on this we displayed the following four interactive experiences:


Interactive Kiosk

Our interactive kiosk solutions are designed to engage audience at events, with interactive games and educational mediums powered by Mixed Reality. For #WOWSOMEFriday, we showcased the following 3 interactive kiosk products :

  • RCB: One of our best mixed reality games to capture and keep intact the fans’ excitement and enthusiasm at the stadium in-between the innings. The plugin is literally called the Excitometer!





  • Mini Golf: As the name suggests, mini golf was a fun version of the mixed reality game using a custom designed iOT sensor. Mini Golf is representation of how already existing games, activities and content can be spiced up using technology while also being beneficial to the marketer

 Mixed Reality Stories

  • Mixed Reality stories is an app designed by WOWSOME for users to create user generated content - photos and videos, posing and interacting with their favourite actors, animated characters and superheroes. The app isn't a Snapchat clone - you can move and place the characters around in 3D space, modify features of your character and customize the app for Enterprise usage.


Rea, sharing the screen with Deadpool

Interactive Print



To use mixed reality for business, these experiential marketing solutions, we believe, were a perfect representation of the spectrum of target audiences and brands WOWSOME can serve- from the farmer who uses pesticides to urban youth and families who enjoy their Sunday outings at stadiums during the IPL season, from the businessman who likes a game of golf at leisure to the movie buff who doesn’t miss any Friday releases at the movies. Alongside being diverse in terms of content, each one of these also use different add on plugins to render the interactive experiences, thereby covering a fairground of WOWSOME’s product range.


To put the evening into perspective, #WOWSOMEFriday is, infact, an experiential marketing event by WOWSOME to promote experiential marketing using Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality technology. Our guest list and audience for the evening were from varied backgrounds, business areas and industries- some of them understood the technology while others left the venue amused. For those who understood mixed reality technology, #WOWSOMEFriday was about clearing misconceptions and envisioning use cases and for the amused ones- it was all of a fascinating eye-opener into the possibilities that came with deploying cutting-edge technologies such as AR and MR in their future experiential marketing strategies. As a result, the following months were but a series of interactions wherein the Mixed Reality Experts at WOWSOME designed and executed experiential marketing campaigns for companies that were a part of #WOWSOMEFriday- some of whom reaped the benefits of our existing products while with some others we are now exploring new avenues.

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