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What Makes WOWSOME Stand Out from Other Advertisers

We understand, that the customer today is less interested in what you do and cares more about why you do it

Not more than two months back, brands were busy charting out their campaign plans for the IPL season. A leading brand in the field of education approached us with an idea. They wanted to build an advertisement that would launch an augmented reality game of gali cricket with a stick figure acting as a bowler throwing the ball at the player.

Know How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business 

We were all excited in the initial meeting and started etching out the details for execution. It was clear that the concept was well thought out and gave us an opportunity to bring our capabilities to the fore. As we started to put together a proposal for the brand, our team discovered a problem. While executing the campaign as designed by the brand was technologically possible, it was not something that married into their current brand image. The dissonance between a serious brand that helped you learn and understand complex concepts and the fun gali cricket experience did not go together.

The team at WOWSOME decided that they would not want to participate in a campaign that may undermine the customer’s perception of the brand - unintentionally. We understand that the brand wanted to jump on the IPL bandwagon, and wished to use augmented reality to show that they were comfortable with the latest in technology. So, we went back to them with ways to use augmented reality in a manner that would educate their audience about the statistics involved in the game of cricket - while still being a fun, interactive game.

Our proposal was not accepted, given the short time that was left before the start of the IPL season. The brand did go ahead with the overall campaign they had planned for the IPL season - minus the AR element. But this was not a lost cause for us. Given our understanding of the brand, and the ideas we had shared with them - we are now working together on augmented reality solutions that can be used in the classroom. We are also working on enhancing their print ads with interactive augmented reality that adds value to their audience through a learning experience.

This dedication to understanding who you are and what drives you is what makes WOWSOME stand out from other advertisers. Your brand and your audience are the most important stakeholders in our success. While most advertisers want to focus on delivering marketing collaterals for the campaign you have prepared, we are keen on generating value for your audience and not just be a gimmick that would catch their attention for just a fleeting moment.

We understand that the customer today is less interested in what you do, and cares more about why you do it. Many different messages are jostling for their attention, the only ones they would want to interact with are the ones who add value to their lives. They may want to engage with something that is unique - but if it does not provide them substantial value, they will not return to it.

Another aspect that sets WOWSOME apart from other advertisers is our reliance on hard data to measure impact our campaigns have on the customer. A lot of advertisers insist that their campaigns provide intangible returns and that it is impossible to measure the number of sales that resulted from a print ad. Even when working online, they want to be restricted to the number of impressions and click-through-rates but never talk about conversions - that is your headache.

Data Analysis

WOWSOME, on the other hand, builds the ability to measure audience engagement and conversions right into the campaign. We insist that the goal of each campaign we design is clearly identified at the onset - and this goal has to be measurable. For us measuring the success of a campaign is not something that is done after the campaign has been executed, rather it is something that starts as soon as the campaign is launched. Based on the data that flows in, we may even course-correct midway through the campaign to ensure that the goals we had set out for are achieved.

In the connected world that we live in today, failing to respond to what your audience wants is an unforgivable sin. Any delay in responding to the customer concerns can make a campaign self-destruct in no time. Our team has its ears to the ground and ensures that actionable insights are available to you at the earliest possible. We understand that while a print ad cannot be changed once it has been published, the interactive aspect powered by our technology can still change the impact it has with just a few tweaks to the user experience. This also allows us to quickly bake in developing news into our campaigns.

Interactive Print

We are not a traditional advertising company. We are focused on creating great experiences for your audience - through the use of augmented reality and virtual reality solutions. We work to enhance and compliment your traditional advertising campaign and help you stand out from your competition. Our campaigns are not limited to a flat piece of paper or a small screen of a smartphone. We help you create interactive space your customers can walk into. We also bring to fore superior virtual reality solutions to turn your events, trade-shows, and exhibitions into experiences your audience will love to talk about. We ensure that your customers stay engaged not just when they are participating in your event, but long after. We achieve this by giving them something that is immensely shareable - something that they will talk about weeks after your campaign has ended.


We understand that augmented reality in itself is no more a unique experience for your audience. Most advertisers are still sticking to tried-and-tested templates when designing an AR campaign - and thus miss out on the value they can generate both for the brand and the audience. We, at WOWSOME, believe in creating custom solutions for your brand and ensure that what your audience sees is not just unique but is also valuable for them.

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