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8 Web AR examples where brands offered a memorable immersive experience

Web-based augmented reality experiences are slowing becoming a hot favourite of brands to offer immersive experiences to their target group and connect with people. Check out the latest webAR examples here!

How many times have you thought of including augmented reality in your brand campaigns but were held back by the requirement of creating  a separate app?

After all, you cannot expect many people to download a separate app just for one unique brand experience. Moreover, the cost of developing and maintaining an app and including AR feature into your existing app is another factor.

In our latest blog, we discussed what is Web AR and how it removes various bottlenecks like those mentioned above to deliver an AR experience without an app. Today, we bring you 8 examples of popular brands which have successfully used Web AR already to deliver a unique web-based augmented reality experience to their customers.

8 Brands Which Successfully Offered Web-Based Augmented Reality Experience

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2. Into the Spider-Verse

3. Toyota

4. First Man

5. Purina

6. Miller Lite

7. Jaguar

8. Red Bull

1. TIME - "Landing on the Moon"

This one is the latest among a host of AR/VR applications by popular brands in recent times. TIME magazine recently launched its AR/VR app to give a boost to its visual journalism. To kickstart the launch, they created the Apollo 11 landing on the moon in VR and delivered it as their first AR/VR story.


Image Courtesy:TIME

What was also exciting was the accompanying mobile Web AR experience that brought the astronaut in your surroundings when you opened the URL in your smartphone browser.

Go ahead and try it out yourself!

2. Into the Spider-Verse

Imagine Spiderman, far from his home but inside yours, appearing in your living area and crawling on the walls. That's what the Web AR experience for the Academy award-winning movie "Into the Spider-Verse" looked like!


Image Courtesy: Next Reality

Users can even click a photo of themselves with the animated friendly neighborhood Spiderman and share it on their social media. The campaign was featured in prominent publications and was a great example of  augmented reality experienced through Web AR.

Try it out here by opening it in your smartphone browser!

3. Toyota

Toyota made waves in the advertising world this year when it launched its web-based advertising campaign in augmented reality. The campaign featured the 2020 model of the Corolla and allowed the users to view a life-size model of the car in their environment.

toyota-webAR-example toyota-web-based-augmented-reality

Image courtesy: Next Reality 

Users could also learn more about the vehicle's features by tapping the virtual vehicle at various points . The could experience immersive animations like opening the moonroof, operating the headlights and spinning the wheels. Toyota emerged as the latest automotive brand to adopt web-based AR advertising, delivering a terrific brand experience to its audience without the need to download a separate app.


4. First Man

The movie First Man, starring Ryan Gosling, was one of the first movies that made use of Web AR in their marketing. And they did it with some style as they used the actual moon itself as an AR marker to trigger the experience!

All a user had to do was to open the URL and point their smartphone at the moon to trigger a visually stunning experience of the Apollo 11 mission. The users could tap the moon to transport themselves in front of the Apollo 11 and the American flag on the moon.


Image courtesy: VRScout

Additionally, they could experience the NASA Mission Control Center, where they could have a look at various control screens, dials, schematics, instructions, etc. The whole experience was completely unique and immersive and set a new benchmark for entertainment marketing with augmented reality.

5. Purina

This is one of the lesser-known Web AR examples but a brilliant one as it showcases how brands can leverage augmented reality to tell a story and educate their customers through interactive instructions.


In the experience, users can choose their pet from the welcome screen and see it come alive in their room. Then as the pet goes around jumping and having fun, users get to learn about various signs of healthy pets across the 28 day cycle of using the Purina product.

Go ahead and try it yourself!

6. Miller Lite

The trend of brands using AR and mixed reality during holiday season is not new. But US-based beer brand Miller Lite adopted Web AR for the first time during St.Patrick's Day.

In its web-based augmented reality experience, users can visit a special page on the brand website and scan the logo on the can of Miller Lite. On scanning, an AR leprechaun comes out of the can in their live environment and entertain the users with several tricks - like pulling a beer can or a snake out of its beard, playing with its beard, etc. Users can even click its pictures and share it on social media.


Image courtesy: Next Reality 

7. Jaguar

Jaguar Land Rover was probably the first automotive brand to incorporate web-based augmented reality experience to promote their brand. They triggered the experience on banner advertisements. On clicking the advertisement, users get the in-vehicle tour of their latest SUV from which they can explore the interiors of the car.



The experience made users feel like they were inside the car and they could look at their outer environment using the smartphone camera. The experience was followed by a CTA (Call to Action) to book their test drives or pre-book the vehicle when it went on sale later.

8. Red Bull

Red Bull is one of the latest brands to offer a Web AR experience to its customers and fans under its Win With Ninza campaign.


Image Courtesy: Global News Wire 

Last month, they launched Ninza AR Snapchat lens that allowed the interactive avatar of the professional gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins to appear in the live environment of fans. They can click pictures and participate in the raffle to win an opportunity of a real gaming session with him in August.

Summing it Up

For the longest time, augmented reality stayed behind the shadows and hype of the virtual reality. The totally immersive nature of VR made it a fascinating technology where everyone seemed to be excited about it.

However, with its dependence on headset devices whose price range is still out of bounds for an average user and its applications limited to entertainment and gaming, VR has failed to take off as everybody expected.

Instead, augmented reality has now emerged as a centre of attraction for enterprises and people alike. Be it games like Pokemon Go, face filters of Snapchat or the highly useful IKEA app & numerous other examples of AR being successfully implemented in enterprises for training purposes, AR has rapidly expanded into the mainstream.

Now, with the rising examples of Web AR being implemented by brands, we have crossed another barrier to the mass adoption of augmented reality. With no need of an app, your brand can deliver a truly unique and immersive experience to your target group with Web AR just like the above brands.

WOWSOME is actively working towards developing Web AR solutions and offer our existing immersive experiences on the web. Reach out to us if you want to work with us to develop a compelling Web AR experience for your brand!

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