6 Outstanding Valentine's Day Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Valentine Day is a huge opportunity to show off your creativity & engage with your customers in a unique way. Get inspiration from these highly successful Valentine's Day marketing campaigns and experiential brand activations.

It is that time of the year again when love blooms and people across this planet celebrate and express their love. This is also the perfect time for brands to set themselves apart with unique experiential marketing campaigns that attract customers to engage with their products and services.

While many may think it is only ideal for gifting and dating businesses to creatively market themselves on Valentine’s Day, our aim through this article is to show you that any kind of brand can make an impact with the right kind of Valentine's Day marketing campaigns.

The secret ingredient to make customers love you is experiential marketing that can make customers interact with your brand and take home a positive memory. Many brands have mastered this secret and here’s what you can learn from them:

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Dominoes on Tinder


In today’s day and age of online dating with right swipes and superlikes, Dominoes decided to become the ultimate date for singletons seeking love on Valentine's Day. They became the first brand to make a Tinder account and ended up right swiping and connecting with more than 234k people. All their dates spent this special day chatting up the pizza brand to give them special offers through Tinder.

The matches on Tinder ended up spreading the word on social media for them and they ended up going viral. With more than 2 million media impressions and user generated content, their campaign is a great example of how brands can take offbeat routes and leverage platforms like Tinder which have huge user bases.

Maybe this Valentine’s Day your brand can also make use of platforms like Tinder, Tik Tok and others that suit your market needs.





Online dating platforms witness a surge in forlorn users seeking love on their platform during this season. It is important for them to cater to this onslaught of users by making a lasting impression.

One such platform from Australia called eHarmony decided to run a quirky and cute Valentine's Day marketing campaign to set themselves apart. They ran a video campaign which featured young kids answering questions about what love means to them and how they feel about loving someone and having a crush.

The motive behind this Valentine's Day campaign was to get across the message of what love is at its innocent core. Young kids that were featured in the video were appointed ‘child ambassadors’ for Valentine's Day and made cute little cards that users could gift to their loved ones.

The first takeaway from this Valentine's Day campaign is to identify influencers and alternate audiences on this day to build your brand. The second one is to engage your customers by letting them take away some experience or gifts from your experiential marketing campaign, as they did with the gift cards.



Doritos Roses


They say that the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, so why not express your love with food. With this thought in mind, Dorito’s created a bouquet of roses made out of ketchup flavoured Dorito’s.

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Seems unbelievable? It also did to many consumers and that’s what made them go viral with this Valentine's Day brand activation campaign.

They made very limited pieces of this product and sold them exclusively in Canada, where they got sold out twice in one year. For the love-sick ones who could not get their hands on one of these, they released a DIY video to make it at home. This whole campaign got them more than 56 million social media impressions, user generated content, made customers want them because of exclusivity of their offering and encouraged customers to engage with their product.

What we can learn from this is that brands can come up with unconventional and shareable ways to use their products and services.



#cupidrone by


 Love is in the air - #cupidrone - Valentine's Day flowers delivered by a drone - Experiential Marketing Campaign

FunnyHowFlowersDoThat is an initiative from the Flower Council of Holland to spread love and awareness about flowers.

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, they decided to act cupid for lovers around Verona, home to Romeo and Juliet. How? They deployed a cupid drone in the city skies. Armed with red roses, the drone had a single mission: to find lovers and connect them through the power of a flower. Be it two strangers or a married couple, this drone just looked for the spark and dropped in the rose.

Such a campaign is a brilliant example of how technology can help in making your mark and delivering experiences that set you apart from the crowd.



ShredYourEx from Hooters


Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers to celebrate but also for people recovering from lost love.

Hooters, a food chain in USA, created a unique brand activation campaign for the ones who just got out of a relationship or taking a break from the dating scene. They started an offline and online campaign called ShredYourEx as part of which people could bring in a picture of their ex-lover and watch it being shredded and burnt in front of them.

Customers also got food offers for shredding this picture and having a nice time at their outlet. This was accompanied by a website and social media channels where you could upload a picture of your ex-lover and get it shredded and burnt. This was connected to an actual shredder and stove to shred and burn it in real time.

This campaign shows how your brand can attract an untapped audience with the right campaign that strikes their hearts.

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McDonald’s Pay with Lovin’


Last and perhaps the most heartwarming of all Valentine's Day campaigns is McDonald’s Pay with Lovin’ campaign. All it took was a simple emotional marketing idea: to allow the customers to pay in kind than in cash.

For 12 days leading up to Valentine's Day, customers were chosen at random to pay for their food with a token of love. Be it calling your mother to tell her ‘I love you’, giving your family a hug or dancing on the spot to some beats, this Valentine's Day campaign brought a lot of smiles and warm impressions on the minds of the customers.

The biggest takeaway from this experiential marketing campaign is the importance of communicating a core message in a simple and cost-effective way.



This Valentine’s Day the spotlight is on your brand to set yourselves apart with quirky, offbeat experiential marketing campaigns that engage customers and make them love you. You have to be their Valentine this time to spread love in your own unique way. There is no better time to start with a Valentine's Day experiential marketing campaign than now to win them over!