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Use Interactive Print Advertising to Skyrocket your Ad Revenue

In the race between print media and digital media, see how interactive print can take over and win the race. Find out why you need interactive print to increase your ad revenue while competing with the digital medium.

Is your print advertising losing to digital ads? Stop losing out on ad revenue with Interactive Print Advertising

Kindle still haunts while books smell good!

What would you opt if given a chance to choose between your smartphone and a newspaper? By default, the answer would be a smartphone because that’s what today’s era is enticed to. We haven’t been noticing it since long but we have forgotten print media and given control to digital media. Also, there are few segments of the population (aged above 50) who still believe in the power of print advertising and haven’t given the command in digital hands. For a newspaper, maximum of the revenue is generated through advertisements and it seems to be fading in the current times.

But why digital over print?

Depending upon the type of target audience, marketing practice and cost-effectiveness; digital media advertising is on a boom. Our generation did not practice to read a newspaper regularly but learned the technology too soon, know why? Digital ads seem to be inviting with all that color and animation on a smartphone or whatever the device you prefer using.

Likewise, the digital advertising industry has entered as a giant that’s even bigger than TV, with its hands longer than the “Kanoon” globally. Digital media has a greater audience reach, a greater traffic generation-that too quickly and effectively, greater readership (from age 16 to 60+) and better platforms to campaign on. That suffices to prove why digital is so “in” today!

Permanence: What remains forever in memory!

Well, we have intelligent and expert hackers around the world, who can do anything they think is possible to digital media. They can change what is already there online or remove it with just a click. In that case, online advertisements or any data isn’t safe and permanent because a small corruption in the file/server/data may lead to endless losses. On the contrary, we have print media where we find loyal readership; once a subscriber, always a subscriber (to be precise). Also, the print copy doesn’t go anywhere for ages, the information published remains on it forever hence marks to its permanency. Even after the drastic use of the internet, a well-crafted newspaper every morning at the centre table with the colourful, attractive & creative ads grabs all our attention.

The medium and the message

Advertisers have great minds & great minds generate great strategies. Behind every advertisement, there is a marketer’s idea, the brand that has to be advertised and a message for the public. Since ages, print advertisements have proved to be a game changer because of the huge reach of newspapers across the world and the absence of the internet. The strategy is to find the best way to reach out to the target audience, keep their eyeballs rolling over the advertisement and engage with them successfully thereafter.

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The Print Media in association with Technology

The scenario is changing now- print ads are getting into peaks of creativity and in this league, Interactive Print Ads are moving the example setters. Advertisers would have been clever enough to put such creativity into print media for advertising, that the consumers can actually understand what the product or service is about. At one place a mobile company places technological ads in the magazine, where you can touch the buttons to see the color customization of the phone. Another body creme advertiser fits a miniature solar panel in a magazine that carries a cell-phone charger for their consumers who spend most of the time under the sun. There is another ad agency that fits in a real miniature airbag for a car advertisement, when the magazine hits something- the airbag inflates.

Witty and innovative, isn’t it creativity at its peak? You see, where digital technology can only be limited to phones or computers, interactive print advertising steps in and conquers the field like a pro. If technology is introduced to the print media just as marketers usually do with digital media, the results are huge and long lasting. These interactive advertisements are so epigrammatic that is hard to overlook when we find it in print mediums. You can sync your mobile phones or tablets with a print ad and enjoy the experience sitting at home. Sounds cool right? Interactive print advertising has once again boosted the traditional marketing, reinforcing the brand name through print and has brought back the vital form of advertising into action.