How Augmented Reality Has Been Used in Arts And Culture

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 28, 2018 1:51:34 PM / by Priyanca Singh posted in augmented reality companies in hyderabad, wowsome app, WOWSOME Life, wowart, marketing, Interactive Prints, Innovative Technology, Art, Culture, Galleries

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What happens when the two worlds collide? 

There was singularity to art, we have plenty of examples from ancient civilizations that can substantiate this fact.

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Advertising powered with Augmented Reality: Is it the future?

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 29, 2018 1:39:44 PM / by wowsome posted in Advertising, Augmented reality ads, augmented reality advertising, Augmented Reality App, Augmented Reality (AR) Ads, Augmented reality companies, Augmented reality prints, Interactive Print, Interactive Prints, marketing, WOWSOME Life

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No, it is the present!

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5 reasons to use WOWSOME Interactive Print for marketing your products

[fa icon="calendar'] Nov 20, 2017 6:07:03 PM / by wowsome posted in Advertising, Augmented reality ads, Digital advertising agency, Entertainment, Interactive Print, Interactive print ads, Print media advertising, WOWSOME Life

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Are you one of those people who don't like to stick to the well trodden path, the one that everyone else take? Do you feel bored of the same old marketing gigs that consumers are all too aware of these days? or maybe you just want to try something out of the ordinary for your extraordinary product.

I can tell you this, very honestly, that you have made that decision at the right time. We live in an era of unimaginable possibilities and marketing is no exception. With advertising making the most of the surge in Augmented Reality, putting your product into the market has become more than just a campaign. It has become an experience, one that your consumers will never forget.

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[fa icon="calendar'] Jun 11, 2016 8:40:33 PM / by wowsome posted in WOWSOME Life

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T-Hub, Mobility Excellence Awards and a sneak peek into WOWSOME 2.0

At WOWSOME, we have always given our employees an environment that fosters their creativity. And now that environment has become even more exciting and inspirational. Well, we are very proud to officially announce that we are now a part of T-Hub, an absolutely brilliant and unique public/private partnership between the government of Telangana, three of India’s premier academic institutes (IIIT-H, ISB & NALSAR) and key private sector leaders.

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