4 Ps of Experiential Marketing

Live, one to one interactions with a brand forms the core of Experiential Marketing. As a multi dimensional marketing communication paradigm, experiential marketing can be hard to define and explain in terms of popular marketing models. Traditional marketing is passive and unidirectional - with content targeted from the brand to the consumer. Experiential marketing is active and bidirectional in nature, with the consumer being as active a stakeholder in the process as the brand.

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5 Most Creative Marketing Trends of 2018


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Taking Mixed Reality Marketing to Indian Farmers [Case Study]

Agriculture holds prime importance in the socio economic framework of India. Being the second largest country to produce agricultural output, the sector alone accounts for 17 percent of the total output. The major problem faced by the farmers is crop failure due to growth of weeds and the heavy infestation that follows.

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Why Marketing Your Product is More Important Than You Think?

The finance department is considered as the brain of the business, the product offered is the body & the marketing department is the heart. This is because the marketing department taps oxygen & other nutrients to every part of the business. Hence, we can say that most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. Unlike the old times marketing no longer deals only with the communication of the products and services to the customers.


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