Indian Theatre Meets Mixed Reality, with Zee Theatre [Case Study]

“All the world's a stage.”  

- William Shakespeare  

The art form of theatre has existed for millenia. It has entertained, educated, inspired and led billions of people around the world. From the Roman amphitheatre to the Ram Leela, theatre has played a pivotal role in the story of humanity.

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7 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Adopt Experiential Marketing

Have you ever tried to pitch an out-of-the-box marketing plan to your boss but failed to convince?

How often have you felt that your company needs a fresh marketing approach but it is difficult to get the executive buy-in to try out new things? 

When it comes to interactive marketing, things might get even more complicated due to the wide range of experiential marketing technologies available that are not understood by many people on senior posts.

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6 Outstanding Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Experiential Marketing is the haven of marketeers who seek to abandon the age old traditional marketing avenues and strike right to the consumers hearts. This form of marketing allows brands to engage with customers in meaningful, measurable and immersive ways that leave a lasting impression. In this digital age, it has become more important than ever for brands to set themselves apart in any way they can. Some brands have been quick in adopting the wave of Experiential Marketing to create marketing campaigns that were truly memorable. In this article we will take a look at some examples of the best experiential marketing campaigns and what we can learn from them.  

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How to Measure Experiential Marketing Without Losing Your Mind? - Metrics, Goals & Tips


No, that is not just an epic dialogue from Jerry Maguire.

It could possibly be the most popular indirect message repeated over and over again in the marketing circle enough to make you lose your mind.

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User Generated Content - How can your Experiential Marketing Campaign Benefit From it?

In the year 2006, the Time Magazine selected “You” as the Person of the Year. This “You” was influencing the mass economy through immersive content that it was generating on Web 2.0 platforms. This content produced both by individuals and collaboratively by groups and shared on a platform accessible to the public is called UGC or User Generated Content. Users have generated content in private for decades, if not centuries, but this content does not qualify as UGC until it meets the criteria defined by the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. These are:

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7 Technologies & Hardware That are Essential to Create a WOWSOME Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential Marketing is a timeless approach used by companies to create engaging experiences for their customers. With the rise of new technologies, marketeers have a lot of new avenues to capture the attention of potential customers. While social media has been overused as a tool, new technologies such as mixed reality and augmented reality are coming up that are much more immersive, personalized and impressionable. In this article we will take a look at some of these technologies and the hardware you will need to set up a successful Experiential Marketing campaign:

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THE Dream Team You Will Require to Deliver a SUCCESSFUL Experiential Marketing Campaign

When planning an experiential marketing campaign or an experiential event, you need to have a team with a diverse skill set running the show. Though more than technical skills, it is a team with the right attitude that can make the difference. An event can throw up surprises, in fact, no event goes as planned - and you have to be able to improvise to keep things on track. Before we look at the individual members and roles of an experiential marketing event management team, let us look at the skill set each of them should have.

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