Identify your Audience and Gain Reader Insights with Interactive Print

According to PWC, by 2022 newspaper advertising revenues will fall by $4 Billion. Revenues will reduce from 16 Billion dollars to 12.2 Billion dollars. Meanwhile, Digital advertising will grow to a mammoth 116 Billion dollars!

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Feel free to judge a book by its cover, with Interactive Print


Growing up, everyone is made aware of the saying that one should not judge a book by its cover, however that may soon become a saying of the past because our idioms also need to evolve as we evolve as a human race right? Interactive print has been revolutionising the way paper is read and it holds massive potential to enhance the experience that books in general offer to readers.

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Interactive Print vs Experiential Marketing: What to Choose?

Let's analyse a story of a young, vibrant  manager, Josh who keeps tracking his business with much concern. His business is receding as fast as his hairline. He should immediately take some steps in order to solve this trough.  The consumers seem to be skeptical about his quality of the business services, that they have resorted to his competitors.

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What you need to know about Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) as the name suggests augments our real worldview by enhancing it. With the rise in innovation in app development, somebody had to enter the arena of adding value to existing reality. In the last decade, many Augmented Reality companies have evolved, creating their own Augmented Reality applications and garnering investments in millions of dollars.

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How to Make Your Campaign Effective With Interactive Print Ads

Since the last decade or so, we have heard many say “Print is dying” but print is still around and still strong. It is still among the most powerful media to reach an audience fast. Many see it as a nice break from the bombardment of online messages through mails and constant ads in their social media feed.

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Maximize your lead conversions from print ads

Businesses big and small depend on generating and converting leads to sell their products. One of the age-old ways to do this is through a print ad.

But they pose unique challenges - how do you include a call-to-action in it? How do you measure the conversion rate? How do you even know how many impressions were “real”?

These challenges sometimes feel so daunting that some throw in the towel.

But that does not have to be the case.

Here are a few steps that you can take to maximise lead conversion from your print ads:

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