7 Technologies & Hardware That are Essential to Create a WOWSOME Experiential Marketing Campaign

Experiential Marketing is a timeless approach used by companies to create engaging experiences for their customers. With the rise of new technologies, marketeers have a lot of new avenues to capture the attention of potential customers. While social media has been overused as a tool, new technologies such as mixed reality and augmented reality are coming up that are much more immersive, personalized and impressionable. In this article we will take a look at some of these technologies and the hardware you will need to set up a successful Experiential Marketing campaign:

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4 Ps of Experiential Marketing

Live, one to one interactions with a brand forms the core of Experiential Marketing. As a multi dimensional marketing communication paradigm, experiential marketing can be hard to define and explain in terms of popular marketing models. Traditional marketing is passive and unidirectional - with content targeted from the brand to the consumer. Experiential marketing is active and bidirectional in nature, with the consumer being as active a stakeholder in the process as the brand.

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How We Ran a 'Successful' Experiential Marketing Campaign for Royal Challengers Bangalore during IPL 2018 [Case Study]

This was when  Indian Premier League (IPL) 2018  just got over and our lives were back to being normal. There was so much buzz going around, so many people cheering for their favourite teams, cheer leaders dancing to the beats of team anthems, players all pumped up, so much synergy basically so much of everything, phew!
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How to Create Experiential Marketing Campaign that People Love

You walk into a room and see neatly arranged rows of hats on walls. The wall to your right has black hats, and to the left are white hats. You are handed one or the other, but only after you answer a few questions that probe into your belief-value system. Questions like “do you believe in destiny?”. With the hat on, you take a half-hour journey to reach a town in the wild west. Here you get to interact with “hosts” and witness a bank robbery, a love triangle, a desire for revenge and a stand-off in the town center.

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Why Experiential Marketing?

Let’s consider a hypothetical situation here, an analogy if you may.

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Why you Need Green Screens for an Effective Experiential Campaign

Green screen photography has been a part of experiential marketing campaigns for years. It involves taking a photograph of a person against a green screen and then replacing the green screen digitally with a more enticing backdrop - dropping the person right into their favorite film scene for example, or have them pose alongside their favorite character, say Spider-man. In exchange for the memorable photograph, the attendee gladly provides some personal information.

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Everything you need to know about Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing, also known as Engagement Marketing aims to put customer engagement at the center of a marketing exercise.

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