Interactive Print - An effective marketing strategy for real estate

Launching a new property? Looking for new and innovative advertising strategies? Wondering how to come up with an out of the box marketing trend?

Here’s how – the WOWSOME app unlocks virtual walk through on your printed brochure (or) print ad with its interactive print feature. That is to say that WOWSOME unlocks/plays advanced virtual reality  content on the relevant brochure page or print ad.

For example, one can play a video by merely viewing the print ad through the WOWSOME app or even unlock access to more content or information; which not just gives them a deeper insight to the customer but also gives them a platform for interpersonal communication with your agent when there is an urge to know more by providing them with various call for action buttons.

Therefore you can communicate specific and personalized information depending on the needs and interests of the viewer rather than generic.

In Augmented Reality for Real Estate