Top tips on Running a Successful Marketing Campaign with a Photo Booth

Now that you know how important photobooth marketing is for your campaigns, learn how to make it is a success story as well.


When brainstorming for a new idea or a ‘growth hack’, innovation is the primary requisite. Every other company adopts different marketing campaign that can offer the target audience with a unique ‘n’ emotional experience. More importantly, it gives them the reason to use their brand or service. Companies have been trying growth hacks for long, and one of the old-yet-vintage hack is the photobooth - based marketing campaigns.

Big brands invest on marketing campaigns by holding events and through the digital marketing process. But with times changing, campaigns are turning more creative and approaching. The photo booth is certainly the best and the most creative way that not only saves money but also offers value-added service.

There are various ways through which a successful photo booth marketing campaign can be run. The real USP of photobooth lies in the customer-centric approach where the customer has a choice to click a picture of themselves with their loved ones. It has been statistically proven that visual aid helps customers grasp the marketed concept better since it provides for around 90% percent of the communication.

What is a photo booth?

A photo booth is a vending machine or a modern kiosk machine which contains an automated camera operated either by using coins and/or cash or magnetic strip cards. The technical build-up involves an automatic film processor which in turn processes the photos for optimum exposure and prints them accordingly. One can always choose the layout as well as the printing material; however most standardised photo booths print pictures on Polaroid materials. In official outlets such as embassies and exam centres, the resulting photo is a passport sized photograph.


How to elevate footfall in your brand photobooth?

Whenever there is an event that is to be organized on a large scale spanning a couple of months, the event managers create a “game-plan” before the opening, scheduling events and attractions. Care must be taken that the guests do not end up being bored which leads to a reduction in footfall. Having a photo booth also provides a unique experience, a place where not only memories are created but captured as well. This would attract more guests towards the campaign and thus develops an enhancement in the marketing strategy for the host company.

How to drive social engagements through photobooth?

The primary motive of using this new age marketing campaign is to create maximum engagement with customers. Engagement plays a vital role in any event hold by the company for the brand launch or to market the product. Setting up the booth will serve as both attraction and talking point for customer and the brand. Moreover, it helps in creating buzz around fetching up the marketing purpose. Customers will get the feeling that your brand is affable, and the happening environment around will help company in collecting the data.

The best way to do this would be set the photo booth in a social gathering (read: social places) where people would be able to add customised texts, their own writings and event or brand name as well as brand hashtags. In fact, personified or humanized images posted on various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter obtain approximately 55% more engagements through likes, shares and comments as opposed to generic posts. Time and again, it has been considered one of the smart ways to make a brand go viral on social media platform.

Along with Facebook sharing, collecting email addresses of attendees will help in distributing the photos. Companies can later use this emails for their emailer lists when introducing new product or service.

Having a photo booth at the event would in turn improve the host company’s social media presence and develop and expand its existing market. The shares, mentions and reach will increase exponentially which will help with long-term credibility and bring the brand at the forefront of their competition.


The feature to print out the photo on site

An important part of a photo booth’s function is on the spot printing. With the advancement of photo booths, one can now print colour (as well as B&W) photos almost right after they are snapped. The print designs are customisable and the delivery could be made as less as 20 seconds. Additionally, marketers could use this feature to print their brand logos or hashtags on the spot without utilising any extra time and resources.

The availability of digital green screen backgrounds

The guests who visited the photobooth will probably wish to take back a memory in the form of a physical picture. Due to the rapid development of CGI and editing techniques, one can add visual effects to the background of the image based on the customer’s needs.


Additional benefits of having a photo booth at a marketing campaign

  • Rather than the freebies handed out at seminars, investing on a photobooth marketing campaign will help the brand stand out.
  • Social media feature that allows you to instantly share the captured pictures on social media (personal and/or professional profiles)

As event organisers, they should be well versed with the various tactics associated with pushing content towards the right audiences. This would in turn help propagate the campaign through word-of-mouth.


Photo booths for marketing campaigns aren’t new. But with the times changing, more and more innovations are added. Many companies have wisely used photo booths for the campaign purpose. Some of the best photo booth marketing campaigns are mentioned below:

  • Fantasy Imaging’s Cindrella Activation

Exclusive shoppers in Portsmouth, Sutton, Torquay and Camberley’s got the experience of Cinderella theme props to celebrate the launch of Disney film. It was a great experience for visitors to step inside Cinderella's carriage and wear the iconic glass slipper on the red carpet. To make the photo booth more engaging and innovative, company added pop-up photo studio, wireless cameras and green screens.

  • GoCompare’s Festive Photo booth

GoCompare happened to hold a very exciting photo booth campaign at The Ideal Home Show during Christmas in the year of 2015 where the visitors could take a selfie with Gio who is the brand’s opera singer mascot played by Wynne Evans.

  • Virgin media’s high speed selfie booth

Virgin media held a very unique photo booth exhibition in August 2015, at V Festival. The guests were asked to sit in front a G-force 270 mph wind machine. When the guests had seated themselves comfortably, air was blown out of the machine thus resulting in unique and unusual facial expressions which got captured. The photo booth would then take up lots of photos one after the other enabling the guests to take home individual photos of themselves as mementos.

Some of the Photo Booth trends to watch for:

Innovation will always bring profit in terms of customer engagement and reaching to maximum market. There is a constant change and addition of technology that makes this process more engaging. Let us check some of photo booth trends you can easily incorporate in your next marketing campaign:

  • The use of Animated GIFs:

Video is the best form of content that engages customers. By offering fun, shareable and animated GIF brands can engage more audience for their photobooth.


  • Customize to be Customer Friendly:

Customers or visitors visiting your photo booth would love to get customized service that can enjoy using it. You can add theme that matches to your brand or service. Customers will have options to engage accordingly.

  • Social Media Compatibility:

Although it has been already mentioned above how social media can play a major role in photo booth for marketing campaign, integrating social media with photo booth will give a huge brand exposure. Moreover, it will enable the brand/Company to observe audience data and retarget them later, with a product or service, accordingly..


For a company it is important to connect with a partner that can manage end-to-end photobooth marketing campaigns and offer extensive outreach for their brand. Wowsome has been pivotal and helpful in deploying such photo booth campaigns for various companies. The Company excels in interactive printing services, where digital content through the latest channels, including AR/VR is its expertise. This service is not limited to brands, but also helpful for various publishers who have been looking forward towards enhancing their market stance.

Wowsome Services also include providing assistance to various enterprises where they are provided with the best print integration, complete with various trainings for enterprise applications.

There are a plethora of benefits associated with the interactive printing services such as the readers the enhanced experience our users receive which reduces the gap between print and digital media.

The photo booth props and zone services are out-of-the-box and innovative as per the brand in consideration. Integrated with latest technology of AR, it gives customer or attendees a visual experience to connect with the brand.  By harnessing this new age technology for the marketing campaign and leveraging Wowsome as a partner, brands can easily mark their presence and be a potential disruption in the ever-clustered markets.

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