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Taking Mixed Reality Marketing to Indian Farmers [Case Study]

WOWSOME created an experiential marketing solution to market Pexalon's Dupont. It spread awareness regarding BPH insects and also altered the habits of Indian farmers in order to achieve high yields.

Agriculture holds prime importance in the socio economic framework of India. Being the second largest country to produce agricultural output, the sector alone accounts for 17 percent of the total output. The major problem faced by the farmers is crop failure due to growth of weeds and the heavy infestation that follows.

There has been a decrease in the variety of crops and livestock produced post the advent of industrialised agriculture. Farmers are forced to face the issue of lesser rainfall due to improper irrigation. In a country like India, they have to struggle hard to achieve sustained progress in agriculture. Farmers are not acquainted of advanced agricultural process which holds them back from using technical resources in farming. Over the years, they have been facing issues like crop burning, loss of income and severe distress due to the aggressive plant hoppers that attack the rice crops. The losses in grain yield might vary from 10% in moderately affected fields to 70% in severely affected fields if proper control measures are not initiated at the right time.

Corteva Agriscience, the agricultural division of the DuPont attempted to solve this mass agricultural problem by devicing the new product- Pexalon. In order to reach the widespread farmers throughout India , greater scale of agricultural marketing campaign was indispensable.

Have you ever wondered how Mixed reality could empower the Indian farmers in such a situation and help them provide greater yield potential?

Yes, this has become reality with WOWSOME ‘s interactive solution to DuPont.

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What is this project about?

DuPont strives for sustainable solutions for crop protection in India and has launched its product for insect control called Pexalon. The Brown Plant-hopper (BPH) impedes the growth of paddy in India and retrogresses the yield. Pexalon was created to provide up to 25 days of consistent hopper control for a cleaner, greener harvest. The product that has been recognized by crop protection practitioners is a rain-wash resistant that intends to prevent and control various planthoppers quickly and effectively.

When DuPont approached Fountain Head - an advertising agency to throw a campaign to Indian paddy farmers that could spread the efficiency and the eco-friendliness of Pexalon, WOWSOME solutions of Mixed reality came handy.



Campaign and the solution:

WOWSOME in collaboration with DuPont had the twin goal of creating awareness about the BPH insects amongst the paddy farmers across India alongside changing the habits of farmers on the timeline of pesticide application.

Indian farmers are used to the pattern of spraying the regular pesticide on the 60th day of growth. But in order to change this practice and enhance the agricultural efficiency of the paddy yields, Pexalon rose as the trailblazer. It encouraged farmers to apply the product on the 45th day itself which is an early growth stage that gave an ecofriendly solution for the crops.



The creative team of WOWSOME designed the idea for a Mixed reality gameplay that educated the farmers about the product in an engaging manner. Through this gamification, entire crop cycle patterns and habits of applying the insecticide was experienced.

The challenge for WOWSOME ‘s technical team was to use a minimum number of devices. It was important to enable a layperson to experience the solution without any hassle. In order to bring the player on to the screen, the technical team worked with the skeletal track where the sensor would perform its default functionality of scanning the person in front of it and projecting the image on the screen. The grabbing gesture was custom coded by the team in order to perform the creative idea and after the integration was ready the experience spoke for itself.

The gameplay is programmed in such a manner that the player uses the competitive/ regular insecticide on the 60th day, out of habit. Here the spray collider is mapped to interact with the insect collider. As a result, when the player starts moving his/her hand, the AR camera detects the gesture, and the spray image appears on the screen. The instruction is to kill the largest number of insects. The quantity of insects in this stage of crop growth is more and the competitive brand ends up spoiling the crops rather than killing the insects. As a result, the user ends up spending more money on the regular insecticide. Now when the second round  starts, the player uses DuPont Pexalon on the 45th day, in order to kill the BHP. The game gets exciting as the player emerges successful by spraying Pexalon that kills most of the BHP that appears on the screen without causing any damage to the crops.




Experience and Overall Impact

The experience has been well received as the number of activations have been gradually increasing. WOWSOME has conducted 9 on-ground activations in different parts of the country, as part of the DuPont conferences. They have planned for further activations at other parts of the country in order to achieve this mission. Many farmers in and around the cities were invited and were given an awareness of the product. They also experienced an interactive game that drew them closer to the agricultural awareness. Starting with Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and completing their recent activation for DuPont conference at Chandigarh, customer engagement has been scaling up. The  registered users for the gameplay is more than 250 and the number of people witnessing the same has risen to 800. Other than this, in order to make sure that the target audience [paddy farmers] are covered, the brand company has sent 3 mobile activations of WOWSOME’s mixed reality game in trucks to rural areas. This entire agricultural marketing campaign of DuPont Pexalon powered by WOWSOME's mixed reality technology has created great awareness by educating the farmers about an effective and sustainable way of agriculture. 

This ongoing mixed reality marketing campaign by WOWSOME has hugely resulted in a larger agricultural awareness campaign by DuPont Pexalon . This case study is an example of a successful Experiential marketing campaign in Agri-tech.



WOWSOME solves marketers’ problems using Mixed Reality. Our obsessive Research in computer vision, integrated with marketing and advertising best practices led to the creation of the most useful suite of products in the segment.

Our solutions merge marketing & edutainment, real and digital, founding a Mixed Reality that delights as much as it advances us towards an evolved lifestyle.

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