Roadshow Advertising in a Post-COVID World with Immersive Tech

Immersive technology offers innovative ways to do a roadshow campaign without compromising on social distancing in a post COVID world. Check out how!

Roadshows form an integral part of the advertising strategy of many brands. They are extremely useful to promote new products, kickstart your demand generation, spread brand awareness, and reach out to your target group in a direct, personal way.

Despite their utility, at present, it seems nearly impossible for brands to imagine doing a roadshow campaign in the near future. Even when existing lockdowns are relaxed, it is highly unlikely to get to the original 'normal'. The existing norms of social distancing in public places would most probably continue for another 6 months to one year, especially given the resurgence of cases in China and South Korea. 

This calls for the need to adopt alternative ways to do roadshows in the near future without compromising the safety of people. These alternate options should completely eliminate any physical interactions with the product without compromising the experience that is essential to the success of any roadshow campaign.

Immersive technology can help brands come up with innovative ways to engage their target group in any roadshow campaign without compromising on social distancing. WOWSOME has a readymade solution suite that can empower advertisers and roadshow planners to achieve their goals in a Post-COVID world.

a) Gesture-based Kiosk

Our interactive kiosk can be programmed to respond to hand or body gestures from a distance of 3-5 ft. It completely eliminates the need for a person to engage with a touchscreen kiosk thereby ensuring safety.

interactive kiosk roadshowPicture from one of WOWSOME’s activation with Interactive Kiosk

Through encouraging active participation with gestures, it, in fact, offers a superior, interactive experience than a traditional kiosk, leading to better engagement and higher recall.

b) Digital Lead Capture

We offer a fully customized digital lead capture during any offline activation. The solution can be accessed either from only one device operated by a single volunteer. Alternatively, people can register through a web URL from their own smartphones. Data captured is seamlessly recorded & updated on a cloud database that can be accessed from anywhere.

c) Virtual Product Visualization

For heavy physical products like automobiles, roadshows typically consist of transporting the vehicle to the venue. This could act as a carrier and add to potential risks of contamination, not to mention, also incur additional costs of transportation and sanitization. 

augmented-reality-in-sales-product visualization-2

With our 3D Visualization solution, a person can experience a life-size 3D model of a product in any setting- be it the backdrop of a roadshow van or in their living room. 

Not only brands can save costs on physical transportation but also eliminate any risk of transmission via physical product.

d) Interactive Ads on Mobile Roadshow Vans

WOWSOME Interactive Print is a perfect solution to digitize print advertisements and branding of your billboards on mobile roadshow vans. Through a QR code or a phone number on the billboard, visitors can go on a customized branded landing page and take part in a digital engagement experience. 

advertising_Digital portalSample Illustration of A Digital Engagement Portal on a Landing Page

The experience consists of standard lead generation options like Visit Website, Register Enquiry, Call Sales, etc. This not only helps in achieving the main objective of mass brand awareness but also help you gain online traction and automate the lead generation process.

These are tough times for individuals, organizations, societies, and humanity as a whole. While at present, it is understandable your brand might be waiting for things to get back to normal, but chances are we are not going to go back but evolve further from this situation. This evolution will lead to different, better ways of doing things efficiently. 

WOWSOME is committed to its vision towards this evolution using immersive technology. We want to help brands through these times of crisis and help them come up with ways to rise over it by utilizing this period for preparation and planning. Connect with us to have a conversation about your ongoing and anticipated challenges and explore how immersive technology can help you overcome them.

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