What is UGC and How Is It Important For Your Marketing Campaign Today?

 User generated content isn’t as boring as it may sound, just an industrious terminology I suppose? Anyhow, just to make your and my life simpler, I shall refer to User Generated Content as UGC-a widely accepted abbreviation.

4 Ps of Experiential Marketing

Live, one to one interactions with a brand forms the core of Experiential Marketing. As a multi dimensional marketing communication paradigm, experiential marketing can be hard to define and explain in terms of popular marketing models. Traditional marketing is passive and unidirectional - with content targeted from the brand to the consumer. Experiential marketing is active and bidirectional in nature, with the consumer being as active a stakeholder in the process as the brand.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid in Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is the go-to method of marketing to your customers in a way that engages them with your brand and leaves a lasting impression. With the rise of social media, smartphones, and modern technologies, marketeers have found newer avenues to target potential customers. Many brands such as Coca Cola, Cadbury and Red Bull have managed to set themselves apart from the rest using such campaigns. While there are many examples of successful marketing campaigns, the underlying truth is that there are more examples of the ones that did not work. As creative marketeers, we should learn from others' mistakes to avoid them and to make more informed choices when designing such campaigns. So, let’s take a look at some common mistakes to avoid in Experiential Marketing:

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What Poe from Altered Carbon Can Teach You About Branding

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“It is not our enemies that defeat us. It is our fear. “

 - Poe, the Artificial Intelligence owner of the Raven Hotel in Altered Carbon is an interesting character. Modeled after the acclaimed horror writer Edgar Allan Poe, Poe exhibits an eccentric demeanor, with a rapt fascination for humans.

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What is Experiential Marketing? The only answer you need

The year was 1893. A few marketers thought that there were far too many firms selling various products to the same set of people. So many that the customer had no way of trying out most of them before deciding what to buy. Even the old ways of advertising, including experiential advertising, were losing their impact as too many products were being advertised. Something else needed to be done to entice the target customers by the latest offerings.  

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A-Z of Experiential Marketing

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