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Online Advertising vs Print Advertising: What Works and Why?

Real-time optimization, targeted ads, personalized content, cost efficiency, scope and reach. Find out what works the best in each of the situations - Print advertising or Online advertising.


In the past few years, advertising trends have been increasing in the online media. The transformation of print advertising into online advertising has taken a boost in the current era. Most of the companies are going digital and thus the print advertising trends are going down. Advertising trends have evolved typically since few years and online advertising is the approach in this age. Businesses need to stay ahead in the curve and thus plan interactive advertising. To get your business on a successful platform, internet marketing is the key ingredient where one click does all the work. When you are advertising on some platform, you want every single dollar to be counted.


The latest technology is taking the advertising industry to the next level which includes social media, wearable devices, virtual reality etc. The modes of communication are changing the consumer’s behavior rapidly, steering them towards latest trends in online advertising. There is a massive change in technology which the advertisers are confronting in the ad industry. In the case of traditional media, the strategies are built around sloppy branding budgets. Using just a few reliable channels will not be feasible in the case of print advertising because there will be no roadmap involved. In this case, there are few important trends in advertising that are shaping the future:

  1. Advertisements becoming more personalized- The behavior of consumers is changing and becoming more complex because of more use of a variety of devices. Ads that are relevant and appealing are actively grabbing consumer’s attention. Advertisers are creating more engaging ads today which directs the minds of the target audience towards the product or service.
  2. Advertising mediums becoming automatically integrated- Digital advertising agencies have created integrated strategies that carry ad series to the target customers as they check their emails and other notifications on their desktops. Real-time audience optimization is a technique that is used by digital advertising agencies to examine the audience behavior.
  3. The concept of branding budget- The attribution models and new data streams have led the advertisers comprehending the entire conversion of the customers. These complex models in the field of advertising have shown the respective performance of every channel.

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The digital advertising industry will continue to witness the change in the coming years as compared to what it did a few years back. In the coming years, there will be a flood of ideas and technology in the advertising industry. This will enable the advertisers to secretly deliver significant ads to their target audience, collect data and also avail the latest technology available. The future seems to be promising with these new interactive advertising trends and innovations in online advertising. In this age of machines, online advertising has proved to be a versatile robot.


There are latest advertising trends that are shaping the industry. Internet marketing seems to be easier and approachable as compared to any print medium. Advertising campaigns are booming today because of their creativity and public reach on a large scale. Let’s see how online advertising has taken over the market for print advertising:

Reaching out to particular consumers

Businesses have to reach out to clients that have specific needs. Online advertisements have a greater reach to the customers in specific areas and locations. Print advertising utilizes local areas to put ads because the targeting is usually small. While online advertising targets the user’s location and personal information, it has a larger reach and scope due to social networking. In this way, online ads can also touch an unlimited number of customers. For a brand to be more reactive, it has to run real-time ads on the online media. Marketers and advertisers can easily customize the ads which give them more traffic. Internet ads can be featured on appropriate web pages that directly reaches to its target audience.

Comparing the costs

With online advertising, there is a scope for spending a limited amount of money for running ads, which feeds their budget. Online advertising has more benefits like the advertisers can ask their clients to pay for ads per click. While in print advertising the expenses are big but reach is small. Print ads can be too costly because of the price paid for buying the space.

The popular internet marketing methods listed:

  • Email marketing: Through emails, one can easily send commercial messages to the target audience.
  • Video marketing: Today online videos are getting much traffic because of the recognition among users. One can create captivating videos and sell their brand or service.
  • Display advertising: Websites also carry banner ads that display the product of a business. This helps in driving the traffic to the concerned website.
  • Content marketing: A content has the power to drive the public to a website through eBooks, blog articles and infographics.
  • Social media marketing: This is the most utilized function because users are most active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

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Internet marketing or Online advertising has taken over print advertising because of its cost-effectiveness. Online advertising is never restricted to the area as it can reach to National as well as International markets. It has large-scale abilities of circulation. One can get instant results from internet advertising with clear insights into the traffic. These ads have the power to link anyone worldwide without having to leave the place. It is easy to gauge its effectiveness, to see how good the ad is doing online. One can replace or edit the advertisement online if one is not getting the desired results.