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Maximize your lead conversions from print ads

Here are a few steps that you can take to maximize lead conversion from your print ads

Businesses big and small depend on generating and converting leads to sell their products. One of the age-old ways to do this is through a print ad.

But they pose unique challenges - how do you include a call-to-action in it? How do you measure the conversion rate? How do you even know how many impressions were “real”?

These challenges sometimes feel so daunting that some throw in the towel.

But that does not have to be the case.

Here are a few steps that you can take to maximise lead conversion from your print ads:

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Specify the benefits in the headline

Given the amount of marketing messages that a typical consumer is today bombarded with, she has little patience to read everything that passes her eye.


You need to tell her what is in it for her as early as possible - and you cannot do it earlier than the headline of your print ad.

You have just a few seconds to let her know why she should look at the rest of the copy - therefore highlight the benefit she gets right in the headline. Is she going to save some money? Have stronger muscles within a week? Find nirvana?

Let her know and if it is indeed a benefit she will give the ad a chance.


Don’t make the reader read

Once you have her attention, do not make her work hard to plough through a wall of text. Build your copy such that she gets what it is about just by skimming - use bullet points for example.


A much better option is to make your ad interactive through use of Augmented Reality. Given the fact that a smartphone is needed to dive into the augmented world, some of the prospects would opt out.

You have to make sure that what you offer is a true value ad for the rest who decide to interact. Do not use augmented reality as a gimmick - it will get old and the audience who made the effort to interact with it will not come back to it on the next run.

When executed well AR could be the most memorable experience that your readers have ever had when interacting with a brand.


Clear CTA with options 

You should include a call-to-action in every print ad you put out. Unless you do that, the reader will not know what to do after she has seen your ad.

You may think it is obvious, but unless you nudge her in the right direction, something else will claim her attention. A call-to-action could be a QR code that takes her to your landing page, it could be phone number she can reach out to or it could be a coupon she can cut out and bring to the store.


If you are using Augmented Reality, adding a CTA becomes easier. Research shows that ads that give the reader an option - visit website or call this number - elicit better response than the ones with just a single CTA.

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Test & optimize

For any campaign to be successful - you need to be persistent, test the outcomes and make improvements. You will only be able to test if you had a clear time-bound CTA to go with your ad.

Capture the data, find out where the leaks in your funnel are and plug them in. Test out various copies to figure what works best and stick to it for a while


Build a list

While people responding to the CTA may not end up buying your product, they certainly had you in their consideration set. Therefore, capture their contacts and keep in touch with them.


Send them regular updates. As they become more familiar with you, they will be more likely to convert.



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