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How to Make Your Campaign Effective With Interactive Print Ads

If you're planning a print campaign, following are a few important things to remember to make it an effective campaign.

Since the last decade or so, we have heard many say “Print is dying” but print is still around and still strong. It is still among the most powerful media to reach an audience fast. Many see it as a nice break from the bombardment of online messages through mails and constant ads in their social media feed.

If you're planning a print campaign, following are a few important things to remember to make it an effective campaign.

Understand and know your audience:

Flyers, brouchers, direct mailers, newspaper inserts are just a few ways you can use to reach an audience. Print advertisements come in many forms and sizes, but all have one thing in common - the reader!


The first step in running an effective print campaign is knowing who your audience is. Before you develop the campaign, understand your audience-find out what are their likes and dislikes, what are their fears and what are their hopes. When you understand this, you can develop your campaign to clearly address their problems and show that you have the solution.

Don't cut back on design and print quality:

The cost effectiveness of the print ads is what makes it popular with many marketers. However, it isn't advisable to skimp on design and print quality to save money. If you have the budget, hire a professional designer instead of coming up with a campaign using an online application.


A professional will have a better understanding of what works. He will be able to choose the most effective layout, effects and strong imagery to give your campaign the boost it needs and reach more people.

When it comes to actually printing the advertisement, use high quality services and choose from a wide variety of inks and texture of papers.

Integrated Advertising:

Print and digital media are complementary to each other. Using them together can help you increase the reach of your campaign.


One simple way of integrating digital media is to share your print ads on your social media pages. Also don't forget to include your website and digital assets in your print campaign.

Make sure though that the look and core message of your brand is the same across all media.

Make it easy for your audience to visit your website:

Many brands still do not highlight their online presence in their print campaigns.

Print doesn't have to be passive anymore. QR code has made it incredibly easy for the audience to directly interact with a brand’s digital platforms. Another very simple thing you can do is directly print your website's address on direct mails and brouchers you distribute.


Your digital assets are helpful in collecting information about your customers, which in turn can nurture leads.

Make it interactive

Gone are the days when your print campaign had to be limited to you broadcasting a message to the public. Now you can make it interactive by adding Augmented Reality to your campaign. The user just has to take out her smartphone and scan your interactive print ads to dive into an Augmented Reality technology experience that she will remember more fondly than any other aspect of your campaign.

Track your Print Campaigns:

As you may already know, digital markets use various tools and methods to track every campaign they develop to make sure they are performing well. They use the data collected to make necessary changes to the ads.

Print campaigns can also be tracked by using things like custom landing pages, coupons and custom phone numbers. Simply asking the customer how they found you also works. Keeping a track of your print campaign isn't very complicated and the data you collect can be used to make sure your campaign is performing effectively.

The next time you develop a print campaign, use these simple tips to make them effective.

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