How to Excel in Brand Management?

The ultimate goal of brand engagement is to build an emotional connection with customers. Planning and executing it perfectly is very important to get effective result.

Do you know how many websites are there in the world right now? Well, more than 1.5 billion and of these, not more than 200 million are active. Every day, there are new websites popping up and each of these websites compete with each other to reach their target audience.Note that it is irrespective of the fact that a Company is small, medium, or large - has a website in the initial stage of development or a dedicated up & running marketplace.


These website and blogs keep creating content for building the brand and keep it going. The truth is, holding the position of top brand isn't an easy task because there are many others standing in the queue and competing strongly. Brand management is an art that an expert can excel in. Planning, expert team, investment, and uniqueness in products are some of the key factors that keep the brand alive. The market is dynamic and so are the users. Understanding the target customer and dynamic market requires a good set of minds that can keep the brand image alive.

Establishing a strong connection with customers is the foremost thing to consider for your business. This also shows how you care about your venture’s success. There are decade-old companies which have retained their brand image effectively, even after facing a tough competition from new brands. Two major factors that helped these companies to retain their brand name

  • Quality Products
  • Adopting New Trends

It may not take days to damage the brand image, but to build and retain it requires months and years of practice. Before we head on to understand the key measures for excelling brand management, let us find its meaning.

What is Brand Engagement?

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In short, brand engagement is a process of forming an emotional and rational attachment between consumer and the brand and keep the positive image intact even in the light of strong competition. This also involves customer engagement process for fostering brand growth and loyalty. Business that focuses on brand and customer engagement are committed towards value creation. Brand engagement helps in building the brand successfully. For this, you need to give reasons to consumers for investing in your brand or products. For a successful engagement, you need to answer the question: What do my consumers want from my product?

Once you find the answer, half battle is won.

In brand building and engagement, business needs to concentrate on four important areas:

  • Perception: This involves consumers’ overview towards the brand and how well it occupies into their mind.
  • Communication: Draw consumers’ attention in two way conversation which is directly or indirectly related to your brand.
  • Experience: Motivating customers to stay with the brand experience
  • Promise: Reinforcing the brand promise to consumers

Brands that interact with customers have potential to stay in the market for long period. A good brand engagement will also affect sales of the company. The importance of brand engagement matters in every stage of sales of project.

How to excel in Brand Engagement?

Today, businesses have various modes and resources that can help in building engagement with existing and potential customers. But the important thing to consider is how to channel through these resources. These resources are not just tools available but also the employees, who can kick the engagement process promisingly. Let us check on methods to excel in brand engagement:


  • Running a Contest:

Every customer loves to save money from purchase of the product. This could be in the form of discounts and coupons. Brands that run regular discounts witness a good sale of products. For customers this can be money saving opportunity, but for the brand this is the golden opportunity to market the product. Often, you will see a brand giving away some expensive product in the form of gifts or promotion. The ultimate aim is to gain a lot of attention and retain customers for long term. However, some brand do this wrongly that affect the overall image of the brand. So to avoid this situation, you need to make sure the promotion is long enough and meets your business requirement. The best time to run promotion or discount is during festival or specific season. When planning the promotion, make sure it meets the brand engagement aim.

  • Be Transparent with the Brand Team:

If your business has set up a separate team for branding, then make sure that it is very transparent. There is planning done in every step of branding and promotion of the product. So involving the brand team in every step is important. A good communication and transparency is very important at the business stage itself to have a positive reputation in the market.

  • Use Social Media to Build Goodwill:

There are plenty of pros and cons of social media, which the business has to learn before using. This will help in building a solid goodwill in the market and target audience. For customers, social media is the solid platform for reviewing the product. If the customer finds the service poor, then they won't think twice before posting the complaint on the social platform. This is when the brand has to turn the situation into positive response by addressing the concern. A business needs to set-up a social media management team that it can keep an eye on every activity on the social media page of the company.

  • Use Explainer Videos for Engagement:

It is easy to create a text content and use it on the blog for promotional purpose. But there is a percentage of audience that isn't interested in reading text. The present situation is all about videos that can grab the attention of viewers. Online videos is one way of brand engagement which can affect your sales positively. To excel in this, content creators have to think out-of-the-box that would actually engage the brand with customers. Use video making tools that can help in creating professional looking videos that can keep the users engaged.

  • User Assistance of Influencers:

Influencers are those who have the power to engage the target audience with their posts. If you check out LinkedIn, you will come across many influencers who have thousands and millions of followers. Using these influencers for brand engagement purpose can really accelerate the process. Using your brand directly on their post, they can bring more genuine customers towards your brand.

  • Stay Fresh and Updated:

Market is dynamic and organization has to adopt this dynamism. A business that doesn't adopt the change will never be able to compete with competitors and engage with customers. Adopting the change is like establishing an image in the market. Learn how to be fresh and updated in the market to remain competent.

  • Building Community:

This is a key part of brand engagement where the company is giving an opportunity to customer for a dialogue. You can get the conversation started by asking opinions and weighing on interesting trends. This will help customers bringing together and promote your brand. Building community is the best way for brand engagement.

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No matter how established your company is, brand engagement is a part of the business. Moreover, it is also an exciting way to reach new audience that can stay loyal with you for long term. The ultimate goal of brand engagement is to build an emotional connection with customers. Planning and executing it perfectly is very important to get effective result.


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