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6 Ways to Engage Customers With Augmented Reality

Best examples of how to use augmented reality creatively in your marketing strategy and offer engaging experiences to your target group.

Over the last couple of decades, with increase in digital reach and scope,  marketers have moved to the digital space from the physical one. This shift, among other things,  makes interaction with the consumer much more predictable, measurable and efficient.

But this has also made the communication impersonal compared to an interaction in the “real” world. But now you have a way to bring the efficiency of digital interactions to the physical world - through Augmented Reality (AR).

With AR in your arsenal, you can bridge the gap that has long existed between the digital and physical world.

Successful campaigns bring together the best of both worlds - a very personal, contextual and immersive interaction which is as effective and data rich as any online. Here are a few tips that can help you engage customers using AR.

Scannable Packaging

Most packaging already has a scannable area today - a bar code. A scannable package is not too different - but is designed with customer experience in mind and not just bookkeeping.

This would involve setting up an AR trigger based on a packaging feature and inviting the customer to scan the same with their phones.

Doing this could give them additional information about the product through an AR interface and give them an option to place an order online as well.


Web-based Augmented Reality: AR on URL

Web-based has made augmented reality a more commonplace thing. The dependency on dedicated app or app plug-ins is gone and brands can leverage the potential offered by augmented reality using just a URL. Users can open the URL in any mobile based browser and augment interactive digital content on their camera view. 

This advancement increases the scope of AR vastly and enables brands to create and push immersive digital ads at minimum cost. These immersive ads will not only be more engaging for the viewer, as they demand user interaction, but are also excellent ways for brands to track user behaviour and conversion rates from these ads. 

Partner with existing AR games

Instead of building your own technology and wondering how to get customers to use your app, you could partner with Augmented Reality apps that are already popular.

For example, your location could be a hotspot in a popular Augmented Reality game and attract new customers who would spend time in the premises. You could also establish a virtual presence within the game world and interact with customers there.

Reward people for being at the store

One of the simplest ways to encourage customers to use your app is to award them for using it when in your store.

For example, you could design a short interaction that is triggered by scanning something in your store - and end the interaction by giving them a discount coupon.

While this may sound not different from asking customers to visit you with coupons cut out from a print ad, it will make them familiar with your app and you could perform more complex interactions as the familiarity grows.


Virtual product trials

An AR app can improve the customers’ in-store experience in a big way.

While an Augmented Reality map of the store is a great start allowing them to reach exactly to the product they want, it will be even better if they can get not just better visualization of the product than from the packaging but also a virtual product trial.

Even if this does not result in an immediate sale, you will gain their mind space and the familiarity will eventually build up to a sale.

Interactive ads

Probably the most popular use of AR marketing is through building an interactive ad. The audience are no more passive receptors of your message, you have to work to engage them positively or you are bound to lose their attention. AR doesn’t just look cool but is interactive by design.

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Audience cannot just look at it for a few seconds and block it out - they actually engage with and have a happy experience. More importantly, the people who interact with it automatically associate the happy experience with your brand. While designing these experiences do not forget what your brand image is, as it should come through this experience as well.




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