Augmented Reality

How Augmented Reality can save lives

Doctors, practitioners and researchers are in a better position to perform surgeries that are cost effective and life saving.

As the world celebrated World Health Day on the 7th of April, we thought it would be apt to share our insights on healthcare and how we could do our bit with Augmented Reality to make the world a better place to live in.

We do hope that this blog finds you in good health.

world health day

If you thought that Augmented Reality was limited to Pokemon Go, then you are a bit off the mark, just like me.

Through my research I found that Augmented Reality can be applied to any field under the sun, that is where innovation comes into play and makes Augmented Reality the current big thing.


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So, how can the world of healthcare benefit from the world of Augmented Reality?

Fun fact, the same month two years ago, the world experienced the first 360 degree operation on a cancer patient at the Royal London Hospital, which was viewed by 55,000 people worldwide.

With this example, I am sure you can get a fair idea of the power of this technology, its usage and its reach.  The reach of Augmented Reality in the world of healthcare is tremendous.

Operation theater of the future

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that AR has revolutionized the way medicine is learnt, performed and practiced.


Assisting surgeons during surgeries

The human body is a complex work of art, but Augmented Reality makes it easier for us to understand our bodies and grow as a generation of healthy individuals.

Doctors, practitioners and researchers are in a better position to perform surgeries that are cost effective and life saving.

surgery in progress

During an operation, surgeons generally need a screen to facilitate the surgery, but with Augmented Reality literally entering operation theaters, surgeons can wear glasses, remain focused and have all the information they need just before their eyes which is directly proportional to minimizing the risk involved.

Surgeons can now view organs in three dimensions and perform surgeries without actually making an incision.


Medical Education

Besides practice, Augmented Reality has found its places in medical universities and institutions.

Students are able to enhance their knowledge and skill more efficiently, as Augmented Reality not only makes the learning process engaging but also enables you to interact with it directly.

Medical students

Students can interact with the human anatomy in unimaginable ways, such as performing surgeries in an Augmented Reality setting before actually performing the surgery in real life.

Of course there is risk involved, but this new form of learning methodology is so powerful and immersive, that it will definitely produce a breed of highly trained medical professionals.  

Helping patients understand the diagnosis reports

We all have faced similar issues of being unable to read and comprehend a doctor’s handwriting and that really creates a mental block in our heads, when it comes to understanding our bodies and the diagnosis.  

Well, Augmented Reality, finally manages to break the barrier between patients, practitioners and diagnosis.

With the help of Augmented Reality tools, patients are in a better position to understand their health problems which enables smoother diagnosis.

understanding medical reports

Augmented reality gives them the power to engage and get involved in their own diagnosis, as with the help of Augmented Reality, patients can visualize their problems and get a better understanding of the functionality of body and treatment required.

Instead of the physician verbally explaining heavy biological terminology, they can facilitate patients by visually taking them through their own body, identifying the problem and provide better solutions.

So, if you the smell of hospitals nauseated you, or the thought of needles freaked you out, Augmented Reality is the saving grace in the field of healthcare!

Hopefully Augmented Reality will help us become a generation of conscious, healthy and smart individuals.

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