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Future of Retail with Live Assist

The physical retail sector is constantly innovating to remain relevant. Immersive Retail with Live Assist is a disruptive solution bridging the gap between physical and digital retail.

According to a research, 70% of all buying is impulse buying, majorly triggered by line of sight or salesperson recommendation. During the pandemic and social distancing restrictions, when a customer cannot visit a store, impulsive buying is out of question. Naturally, this percentage is going to the opportunity lost pocket of retails these days.


Take Mrs. Varma for example. She is a smart and well-educated 45 year old lady who is a happy home-maker. She loves the experience of entering the well-lit pleasant smelling stores and explore the products there. Her usual haunts are the shops near her house. She goes to these shops almost twice every week. She is quite popular among the salespersons and they know her well. But occasionally, she also drives across the town to see the things in other stores. 

She loves the idea of getting to know about the newest commodities in the market, with an abundance of options in practically everything she could think of: grocery, FMCG, Home Appliances, and her favourites: clothes and accessories. If she was unsure of anything, there was always a salesperson nearby to assist her to make the right choice. Some knew her so well, that they even suggested her new products based on her earlier preferences.

Needless to say, social distancing restrictions have been hard on her. She cannot step out of the house. Yes, she has half a dozen online shopping apps on her phone, but the experience is not the same. The ambience and experience of shopping is missing. Moreover, she does not have her favourite salesperson assisting her. As a result, she is hardly buying anything other than the absolute requirements of the house these days. 

The situation of Mrs. Varma is of thousands of people across the country.

Imagine Mrs. Varma being able to talk to her favourite salesperson over a call, where she can view all the products in your store. The salesperson helps her commute throughout the store across all categories. She marks the products she would definitely buy with green colour and the ones she might buy with orange colour. Whenever she is unsure about a product, the salesperson helps her out by giving descriptions, resolving her queries or even trying out the product. They also suggest other things she could buy or intimate her about new arrivals in the store.

Mrs. Varma goes all throughout the store, going through each of your products, adding every possible thing she could think of, in her basket with a huge bill!

At the end of the call, a summary mail with all her viewed and marked products goes to both Mrs. Varma and your store admin. Mrs. Varma takes a look at everything and takes a call.

The physical retail stores have been suffering a lot recently because of movement restrictions and social distancing clauses, and so have the buyers. Just like Mrs. Varma, many customers struggle because they do not get the buying satisfaction they want. Here is where Live Assist steps in! Live Assist bridges the gap between physical and digital, providing a seamless customer experience, solving the problem of the store as well as the customer. Owing to it’s scalable and versatile nature, it is easy to adopt by the store and even easier to use by the customer. 

Difficult times need innovative solutions. Since COVID struck, every sector has tried its own innovations to remain relevant, and so has retail. Live Assist is one of such solutions with the potential to reshape retail!

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