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Print is Dying, But Interactive Print Advertising is Future-Proof. Find Out How.

Print advertising might be on a decline, but Interactive Print is here to save the day. Interactive Print combines the benefits and timeless appeal of print advertising. With the power of digital content and the trust of print, Interactive Print is the advertising medium of the future.

We are in the internet age, where many things have changed. These days, you don’t get the news delivered at your doorstep in the newspaper anymore. You can order your food from your favorite restaurant , or can shop for everything you need online. All this happens without leaving your house. Almost everything we do has changed over these years, so why wouldn’t marketing change as well?


They say that the traditional advertising such as print collateral or Interactive Print advertising might be dead. Experts have been debating about the demise of traditional marketing as early as the late 1990s. It all started when the internet came & it became obvious that it came to stay. Despite all the claims of traditional marketing going away forever, it has still endured sticking around as a reliable source of marketing till date. Moreover, there are even advocates who argue that traditional advertising will never ever go away.

We are going to discuss the future of traditional advertising, and all the things about its future.

What is Traditional Marketing?
Before arguing about something, we should be clear about what it exactly is. By one standard definition, traditional advertising refers to the methods which companies have used for years, and have a proven achievement rate. It consists of all the methods of marketing apart from the internet marketing. Here, the methods of marketing have definitely changed, the meaning is still the same.

What is Print Marketing & Interactive Prints?


Print marketing is a form of advertisement which is done by using physically printed media. All the tools such as magazines & newspapers which are used to reach the customers, prospects & consumers are covered under this term. Some of the most famous forms of prints are - newspapers, magazines, billboards & posters, direct mails etc.

Interactive Prints are more like the revolutionized version of normal prints. They never fail to make us wonder how interesting it is, that the advertisers are exploring various ways to engage the customers. The interactive print ads are much more compelling than any other form of print ads. They give a clearer understanding of the product & service being provided. Through interactive print advertising, the advertisers are able to bring the experience right in front of you. Moreover, they do it in a way which is really hard to ignore.

Prints - Are They Dead?

Okay, the truth is - it depends. Because prints can be classified into many types & each of them has their own life cycle. When we talk about prints, it could refer to advertisements, or newsprints, or direct mail pieces, or the very famous interactive prints. Hence, we can say that prints aren’t dead.

In this instance, we are talking about the interactive prints. They are extremely critical for the marketing & selling of the products & services. Yes, gone are the days of hailing around massive binders of products sheets because the interactive sheets are much, much better.

While the digital content is scanned quickly, paper-based reading is much slower. Also, interactive print leads to greater chances of comprehensions & recalls and are more likely to leave a lasting impression & leading to more sales.

Why Will Interactive Prints Remain Relevant In The Future?

Interactive Print Marketing will always have edge over the digital mediums in some of the cases such as:

  • Respectability.

Since the print marketing has been around so long, it gives it an edge over the digital mediums. Because of the rich history they have, it is more likely to be taken more seriously.

  • Trust.


It has been proven  that people trust prints more than any other medium of marketing. In fact, according to a study, 82% of internet users trust the interactive print ads when making a purchase decision.

  • Clearly Defined Target Audiences.

Target_ Audiences

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A healthy ROI requires the ability to target the audience effectively. That can be done very accurately with the prints as they allow the positioning of the ads in the most relevant editorial sections of the publications. On the other hand, when you place your ad in the digital network, you are never sure. You don't know  whether your message will get delivered to the right audience at  the right time.

  • High Rates Of Engagements.

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Here, the best spirit of humans has become their biggest foe. The ability of multitasking is more like a coin - it has two sides. We monitor our emails while doing anything we want. We do it while watching our favorite TV show, or munching on our favorite food. In other words, we rarely give the information/digital content full attention.

Whereas, in prints, we really focus & engage ourselves. And in marketing, nothing just can’t beat full engagement.

  • Prints Drive Online Search.

According to a research by the National Retail Federation, customers are more likely to initiate an online research after going through any ads in some newspaper or magazine.

  • Print Is Primal.


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Well, there is a reason why people take handouts & handwritten notes in the meetings. That reason is what kicks people and make them appreciate the prints & appreciate the interactive prints even more.

 When they create the interactive prints, the designers often talk about how much prints “feel important”. Seeing an advertisement on the screen doesn’t feel as important as holding the same very thing in your hand.

  • The Impact Is Long Lasting.


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It doesn’t matter what kind of prints are we talking about, be it the interactive prints or the prints collateral - they strengthen relationships. They make the reader feel special, as it makes them think that you have gone out of the way to spend both, the time & money on something & you plan to give it free.

The prints are more likely to extend your presence. The prints will subtly bolster your brand by gripping you in the top of your audience's mind. All because your content is going to be on the desk, and not buried deep inside their inbox or the social media!

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Hence,  the digital content might be the present or future of the marketing, but in no ways, it is new or novel. Ironically, it is the tried-&-true interactive prints which actually stand out from the clutter. After all, we browse through a plethora of emails & blogs all day long. Compare it with the feeling of flipping through a magazine. This feels like a departure from the digital monogamy. For all these reasons, the Interactive Prints is alive, and will always be!