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Only Those Who Scan, Gain. Read How to Attract Customers with Interactive Print.

When making the move to interactive print advertising, you do not have to abandon your current ad inventory. Repurpose the same for interactive, inbound marketing to enhance your return on investment.

You want to move on from traditional marketing tactics, and embrace the inbound marketing philosophy. You like what you are learning about interactive advertising as a way to achieve this. But you have an existing ad inventory and letting it go seems wasteful. You do want to get better ROI from your advertisements but if you have to build everything from scratch, that purpose seems to have been defeated.

We meet a lot of firms who are facing such a dilemma. We tell them it is a false binary – the existing ad inventory they have can be repurposed to be an interactive print advertisement. You already know your target group and have built the current inventory with them in mind. Obviously, they are a good base for your interactive print advertisements to be layered over.


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Traditional sales focused on targeting the audience when their need was acute enough for them to make a purchase. You would have initially contacted them through cold calls, direct mails or through a door-to-door sales. Your print ads would have had a call to action that was targeted at people who want to buy your product. So, most of the people who were targeted by these campaigns simply had no way to respond to them – and would have ignored them. Further, the audience is bombarded by similar messages day in and day out – there is a high probability that they will miss your message even when they are ready to make a purchase.


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It follows that when you are building an interactive print ad, you have to target a wider audience – not just people who are ready to buy, but the prospectus at any stage of the consideration and purchase cycle. If the advertisement adds value to them, they would not only come back to you when they are ready to make a purchase but will also share your advertisement with others who maybe on a lookout for something similar.


Infiniti Car G Sedan Print Advertisement This completely changes the atmosphere of the interaction. A traditional ad simply dumps the same information on all the prospective customers, regardless of what they are looking for. The interaction that follows focuses on closing a sale – and little else. An interactive advertisement, on the other hand, allows the customer to decide what depth of information he wants at the moment. The goal is to educate the prospect about your offerings, understand her needs and tell her how your offerings address those specifically. If you can convince your prospect that you have a deep understanding of the problem she faces, and have tackled them before – then you do not have to convince her that you have the solution. She will assume that is the case. Remember that to achieve this the focus of all your interactions and communications has to be the prospect, and not your product. Do not be the pushy car salesman you see on TV. Instead, help your prospect on every step in their decision-making process – let them set the pace. 

For example, the car ad above is very well made. It has an attractive image; the text content catches the eye of anyone who wants to buy a car the moment they come across this ad. However, people who are not planning to buy a car at the moment will take nothing away from it. This can be changed by making this ad interactive. First and foremost, an indication will have to be added to it to let the reader know that she should scan the advertisement to access more content. For example, look at how WOWSOME distinguishes Print Play ads with highlighted frames as a prominent mark. Such frames are put at the end of every interactive print in the Hindu newspaper so the readers know these are not the usual print ads. 


Print Play WOWSOME frame mark The Hindu Scan this ad to know more about the product


As a comprehensive campaign, the company already has a video commercial showcasing the features of the car. This could be triggered when the car is scanned. Of course, it would be better to build something that takes advantage of the medium – say, a virtual test drive on your phone, a truly immersive experience. Given it is a luxury brand, immersive VR content will suit the brand. Other brands can have an interactive version of the existing video content as well.


See Aston Martin coming alive from WOWSOME's interactive print ad

But don’t stop there! Remember not everyone wants to buy a car right away, but you want to make sure they think of you when they want to buy a car in the future. They have scanned your advert, so they are definitely interested in your brand – even if they don’t have an immediate need for your product. So, at the end of the interaction, offer to provide them a free report – Top 10 Features to Look for in a Luxury Car. All they have to do is provide you with an email id.

This is called a No Risk Offer – a report, video, whitepaper, research work, ebook or a podcast that your audience can get for free. You get their email id and permission to contact them with some more information. Share more educational material with them at a comfortable pace, so when they finally have made up their minds to make the purchase – they think of you as you were helping them decide what to look for in the product of their choice.

Depending on your targets, you could also add in a Low-Risk Offer. This is something for which your audience will have invest some time – and maybe some money. This could be a webinar, a demo, attend a workshop with you, have you assess their requirements etc.

Remember, you want to walk with the prospect through her decision-making journey, Also the fact that other brands may not be doing this adds a lot of value to what you are offering. Your audience will start looking at you as a subject matter expert who is on their side – and not as a salesman who is pushing a product at them to meet your sales target.

Repurposing your current ad inventory is just the start. You should work with experts to build the best possible interactive print adverts that will maximize the brand recall among your audience.

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