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A Day With Your AR Glasses - Augmented Reality and Tourism

Put on your AR glasses, and spend a day as a tourist in the vistas of Augmented Reality. Travel to far corners of the world, satisfy your wanderlust, experience virtual tours and transform your surroundings. With Augmented Reality, the world is truly your oyster.


We all sit at our desks, lie on your beds daydreaming about all the places we could be visiting. We wish we could just escape reality for a while or get teleported somewhere. We often see cartoons and fictional characters availing this freedom in films and books.  However, what if we told you that while sitting at your office desks or lying on your beds, you could still be able to visit the mountains or sit at a beach and hear the sound of the waves. And all this can happen without even taking out hours or days from your busy work-schedule. Want to see how? Then pack your bags and buckle up while we take you on a one day virtual teleportation tour with Augmented Reality.



Let's begin the day with some nature and calmness. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Peruvian mountains while you sip your Coca Tea in your bed. All it takes is a pair of Oculus Rift virtual reality glasses and you are set to enjoy, be choosy and change the scenery as you fancy. When it's time to pump some energy, get on your treadmill and go hiking on the rocky mountains.  Don't forget to grip the safety handles tight! These cool pair of VR glasses gamify your adventurous jogging experience with immersive content. Interact with birds and the other wonders of nature on the way with the help of Loop's augmented reality and mixed reality experience.

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After your jog, you sit down to read today's newspaper,  where you come across an ad by Kerala Tourism. On scanning it through WOWSOME's app, augmented versions of Kerala's tourist places come alive on your paper and take you through an interactive advertisement. In the backdrop of coconut trees, you see men and women clad in Mundus and Sarees dancing. Clicking your selfie with DeepAR app presents you with a filter of a colourful make-up on your face to make you feel Kathakali ready. Now that's an innovative way to invite you to start your adventure a new place!

Are you ready to go to office?  Let's step out of your house and get into a cab. Google Map's new augmented reality features will help you to locate your way easier than ever before. Colorful live road-signs positioned at right places will grab your attention at right times so you're not unnecessarily distracted. If you are confused which fork to take at a crossroad, an augmented reality fox will come to your rescue and will guide you to the right path. And above all, through urban visual positioning technology, augmented reality signboards will tell you what all places are around you - restaurants, stores, and what not.



When you're at your work-place and want to take a break, you think of getting your Augmented Reality glasses and traveling to some place cooler. But that's not enough, so let's start planning your vacation. While on your flight, fasten your seat-belt and look down on your lap to see the terrain below. This way, you won't limit your vacation to just one country. After landing, let the recipient country's mascot greet you at the hotel reception, and maybe show you some regional dance too. After resting well, you're now stepping out to visit the tourist sights. As you scan a historic monument using your phone, you get to see its details and how it looked in any century you choose. This is also known as live historic overlay. With ArmCulture's AR app, you can also click pictures with the augmented characters of personalities related to that monument.

When you return home in the evening, your children may need your help with their Geography homework. Augment the terrains on the floor and see oceans and mountains coming alive. Closely observe the icy Arctic waters, play with polar bears, and let your children learn about climate change. Also, let the kids interact with the history of a place by augmented it in your house. This way, they'll be more inquisitive when they actually go there. 



You must be hungry after running behind your children. What's a better way to explore a new region than to try out its cuisines? Try out La Petit Chef's 3D projection mapping. Follow the miniature chef where he takes you through the route of Marco Polo to serve you some of the best spices and ingredients in the world. This dinner time story takes you through entertaining visuals of selected regions while you wait for the delicious food to be served on your table. Bon appetit!



After a scrumptious meal, it's bed time. In your spouse's arms, you're stargazing in your igloo shaped bedroom and wondering how lucky you are to be born in this era. Without having to shell out hundreds of dollars and long hours of commute, you're able to interact with more-than-3D versions of any monument or sight from the world. You see that AR technology has made life more enjoyable by providing almost real-life travel experiences to anyone breaking several barriers. Yes, it cannot substitute the real experience of travelling, but at least it's the next best thing to the idea of teleportation. 

Good night! And don't forget to take off your AR glasses.  

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