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Challenges in the Immersive Sector: An exclusive interview with Expert Vishal Reddy

An exclusive interview with Augmented Reality expert Vishal Reddy discussing the challenges in the Immersive Sector.

2020 has been a year of emerging tech. Technology played an enormous role in fulfilling our basic (and non-basic) needs from food to shelter during the pandemic. An exciting technology that flourished well this year was Immersive Tech. This particular technology scope can be limitless, but the sector still faces its fair share of challenges.

Therefore, just after the new year began, we got an opportunity to interview WOWSOME CEO and Founder, Vishal Reddy, an expert in Immersive Tech, personally responsible for completing more than 5000 experiences in India and Worldwide. 

Here’s an account of our interview with Vishal.

Host: Hi, Vishal! It’s a pleasure to have you with us today. More than 5000 experiences in AR!! That’s an impressive number!

Vishal: Hey! Yes, I feel it’s a good number… probably the largest in the region. This achievement is a result of our hard earned expertise and conviction in the immersive sector - from the time it was emerging. We have a pipeline of executing at least twice that number in the new year. 

Host: That’s great, Vishal! So, I am sure that achieving this number wouldn’t have been easy. You would have faced multiple challenges during the planning and development of these projects. Please tell us something about the challenges.

Vishal: Challenges begin in the pre-sales process first, in order for the project to begin with well-defined expectations. Though the technology has passed the emerging curve and is now established with ready-to-use products, the business mindset is still emerging. We are able to tackle this challenge with a proven sales kit and standardized value discovery workshops that are micro-targeted to various industries, business areas (training, sales, operations etc) and further to specific use-cases… example, AR guidance for changeover procedures in Pharma or FMCG manufacturing. 

Host: Well, this sounds tough. Would you like to share some of your personal experience with these challenges with us? 

Vishal: Sure, but there are probably over 50 live opportunities we are handling right now. Let me think… one of India's largest automotive manufacturers came to use frazzled just after the lockdown that showroom visits and sales are down and they don't know what to do. We had to capture their unstructured panic into an organised solution design to create an Immersive Remote Selling Platform. Along with a working prototype in two weeks. The platform integrates existing video conferencing software with a standardized sales narrative and inbuilt AR experiences. The workflow is asynchronous with the option of pre-booked live engagements between the salesperson, physical showroom and the customer with their family group. Thereby, organizing the end to end sales journey while fully supplementing an in-person meeting and the physical showroom visit. Because frequent visits are less safe and not sustainable at scale. 

Host: Expanding our topic of discussion, what limitations do you think are present in the Immersive Sector as a whole?

Vishal: People need to be introduced to the purpose and value of supplementing regular experiences with immersive experiences. The language has to be simple and easy to learn and visualize. This is where our proven and standardized knowledge kit, tested business models and case-studies with ROI information glide us through these challenges. Infact, you may call us the world's best Knowledge Academy for Immersive Technologies. Immersion enriches marketing campaigns, sales engagements, safety manuals, operating & maintenance procedures and remote assistance. Businesses that implement achieve higher productivity, improved safety and ensure compliance. 

Host: These challenges sound very intense, Vishal! We never thought that an industry that looks so promising could have so many challenges. We’ve also heard industry researchers say 'Consumer Led Adoption' is another challenge that the sector is facing. Tell us your thoughts?

Vishal: Immersive Technologies like AR have gained a lot of attention through consumer-led adoption like Pokemon Go. But such adoptions tend to remain a gimmick and quickly die down with disillusionment and do not progress into mass adoption. Real universal adoption in any emerging sector is spearheaded by business - when products, services and their manufacturing is enriched with immersion. We are investing all our efforts into this strategy - Business to Business first, delivering the final value to mass Consumers (B2B2C).



Host: We are intrigued! How does the WOWSOME team manage to excel despite all these challenges?

Vishal: Because we successfully navigated the entire curve of immersive tech adoption over the years, we faced the most difficult conversations and were the absolute first in recognising and solving unique business problems through a personalised, consultative approach. The consequence of this journey is hundreds of successful implementations and a ready to use platform which has all the accelerators one needs to quickly find the ideal immersive solution to a commonly occurring business problem. Our conviction in the sector supported by proprietary IP keeps us ahead of our competition. 

Host: This is amazing, Vishal! Would you like to tell us something about the upcoming projects? (optional) 

Vishal: We enjoy a consistent pipeline of industrial projects in close collaboration with established AR platform provider PTC. Apart from that, our R&D has been the fastest in tackling current world problems… in response to the disruption caused by the pandemic. Experiences across lead and consumer journeys in web and mobile applications have a need to be gamified with interactive storytelling, applying immersive technologies. More so because many of these steps have to supplement with an engaging online option. Micro blocks in the journeys can be released with quick fixes. Our current projects for gamification are hot in the Banking, Media & Entertainment (Television) and Agriculture sectors.

Host: We eagerly wait for these projects, Vishal. We understand that your allotted time to us is ending, so we keep the rest of our questions for the next time. This session with you has been extremely resourceful to us! Thanks a lot for sitting with us on new year day and sharing your knowledge with us!

Vishal: Thank you very much. I quite enjoyed myself. It was a pleasure sharing with you!


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