6 Outstanding Examples of Brand Activation That You Can Learn From

Find out how these six companies used Brand Activations to create a delightful and exciting experience for their customers

In today's world of social media and digital marketing, it is increasingly difficult for brands to make an impact by being just one of the thousands of stimuli that a consumer receives daily.

To make a difference, brands need to make their marketing more interactive and effective. That's where brand activation comes in.

Brand activations allows brands to create promotional marketing events and campaigns that physically engage consumers with their products and leave a lasting positive impression on the consumer's mind. This technique is not new and has been very effectively used by many brands to reach out to consumers. In this article we will take a look at some brands that used brand activations to take their user engagement to the next level.

Lipton Slip & Slide

You would not expect anything fun or happening on an early Friday morning in a quaint part of London.

That's exactly why Lipton Ice Tea chose this time and place to do a fun activity.

On this morning, they set up a huge water slide in the middle of the road for everyone to enjoy on that sunny morning. Along with the ride everyone got free samples of the Lipton Ice Tea which they took along with them on the slides. People could register as part of their #BeADaybreaker campaign and were encouraged to bring swimwear and inflatables along. This brand activation event got them huge media and consumer attention and also painted a good picture of their brand in front of the consumers.


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Ella's Kitchen- The BIG Wean

Imagine more than 150 babies in a single place, learning to eat food for the first time in their lives.

That’s what Ella’s Kitchen, an international organic baby food brand, did to activate their brand.

The act of eating food for the first time other than their mother’s milk is called weaning and it is a very special moment in the lives of new parents. Ella’s Kitchen wanted to help parents make this moment special by introducing their children to different kinds of foods for the first time at their event called ‘The Big Wean.’ As parents joined in, they were given goodie bags with various Ella’s Kitchen products to choose from and a branded bib for their children. It was an afternoon of fun and frolic for the kids as they got messy with different food items and the parents took home a positive impression about the brand.



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Deakin University: Pixel's Escape

Like any other brand, a university needs to market itself to students in a fun and interactive manner to stand out from the rest.

While most universities rely on tours, education fairs and seminars, Deakin University took a different route. For their Open Day 2017, they invited prospective students to visit their campus where they had set up what no one expected. They had set up a VR Escape Room Game called ‘Pixel’s Escape’ that transported them into a virtual reality version of the University where they had to assemble a robot called Pixel, solve a puzzle and escape within 3 minutes.

The experiential brand activation setup showcased the facilities of the university while engaging the audience in challenging puzzles which left a lasting impression on the minds of prospective students.



Foster's Pop Up Hotel:

How did an Australian beer brand reach out to the young music enthusiasts of Finland?

Through a unique brand activation campaign in partnership with Airbnb, Foster’s set up a pop up hotel at the biggest music festivals of the country to help the attendees escape the sweaty, freezing atmosphere of the festivals. They set this up inside a Foster’s blue shipping container and branded everything from the towels to the linen. And of course, lots of Foster’s beer.

Anyone with a ticket for the festival could book the hotel on Airbnb and get a warm bed to sleep, away from the frenzy of the festival. They also set up a bar outside to cater to the audiences at the festival and set up karaoke.

It is a great example of how an offbeat brand activation at festivals can get you the right audience engagement.

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HBO’s Westworld at SXSW

As if HBO’s show Westworld about an alternate reality in which humans have created robots that look, act and feel just like humans in a reconstructed Wild West was not crazy enough, they took it one step further.

At SXSW conference they created a real version of this alternate reality where people could go, explore the Wild West, meet characters from the TV show, witness gun-fights and so much more. They invited people and media from all over to come and witness the magical Westworld. They also added the lab where these humanoid robots were created on the show for people to stumble upon and be shocked. It is an extreme experiential marketing example of how you can use brand activation to immerse your consumers into your product and leave an impression that stays with them. 


#QLoo by Bathstore

Bathstore, UK’s largest bathroom retailer brand came up with an quirky campaign to showcase their customer experience at Wimbledon. Given the popular nature of the sports event, people have to stand in long queues and might need to visit the loo.

Bathstore decided to setup a portable loo called the QLoo which could be used by the attendees of the event.The best part was that Bathstore provided queue-ees to people using the loo to save their spots in the queues while they used the loo peacefully. On the inside, the QLoo was covered with astroturf, tennis memorabilia and had a live radio to keep track of the tennis games.

Consumers could avail this service by simply tweeting with #QLoo. This brand activation service during a sports event truly delighted the consumers and highlighted the amazing customer service and comfort associated with the Bathstore brand.

Bathstore's QLoo comes complete with ball boys and girls
Source: Campaignlive


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Brand activation comes in many different forms from using VR Games to setting up portable loos. It all depends on what works for your brand.

What is assured through these brand activation examples is that brand activation is a very powerful event marketing method to promote your product as we;; as to convey a brand message in an engaging manner to your end consumers.

Otherwise, your brand will just be one of the many stimuli that goes unnoticed in this sea of information an average consumer absorbs each day.