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Why AR is the biggest breakthrough in Education?

The biggest breakthrough in the education sector by far has to be augmented reality. With the most immersive and practical based learning, innovative methods and real-life 3D Models, it is the perfect attention grabber for any student.

The methods of teaching are always evolving. Not long ago, the only form of education we knew was out of a book from a library, usually in a school situated at the least on the other side of the town. Today, there are millions of ebooks, video tutorials and even online tutors available to the student on the click of a button. But is it sufficient for the Generation Alpha? In this article, we discuss how Augmented Reality fills gaps in the current teaching pedagogy.

  1. Longer attention span

Seeking the attention span of a student has forever been the biggest challenge for a teacher. There are little tricks in the market to catch their attention, but it rarely remains there for long. In a general scenario, the attention span of an individual is not more than 7 minutes. However, with AR infused learning, it is possible to keep these students up to 33% more attentive throughout the lecture! Texts and images jump out of boring books and make education appealing to the students.

Why not MOOCs, you ask? Only 4% of individuals actually complete their MOOC courses.

  1. Effective learning process

Immersive learning methodology makes the student grasp concepts quickly and easily. It also makes them remember it for a longer time as compared to rote learning. Moreover, practical learning helps them apply relevant information in real-life situations efficiently. It’s also proven to improve the test scores by up to 22%.

  1. Explanation of complex topics like never before

Augmented Reality breathes life into concepts. It can teach the most complex of the topics to children who find it challenging to visualise and imagine abstract areas using interactive 3D models. It thereby simplifies the learning process, making students learn conceptual issues quickly and easily.

  1. Broken barriers of accessibility

AR infused learning content can be accessed like every other app or website: anytime, anywhere. The student can learn at their own time and convenience. We all understand that no two peas in a pod can be identical. Everyone has different kinds of intelligence and learns at a different speed. Through this methodology, everyone can learn at their own pace.

  1. No additional gadget requirement

Everyone says that the current generation has lost its focus. So how do you teach a distracted generation? Easy: Teach them on the distraction; in this case, their mobile phones. There is no hi-fi gadget required for Augmented Content. No additional expenses. It can be delivered on a device as prevalent as their mobile phones.


AR is budding to become cost-friendly, accessible, practical, and crucial – including in training students with the skills and understanding necessary to work together with others and get forward in their chosen careers. It can provide students with the much-needed transformation from rote learning methodology and bring them to a more practical oriented approach.

With all its benefits to function well, AR components must be flawlessly ideated, developed, and integrated. A poorly implemented experience will be no good for your students. If you are thinking about implementing Augmented Reality based learning in your institution, feel free to reach out to us for a consultation by filling out your details.

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