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Print is Dying, But Interactive Print Advertising is Future-Proof. Find Out How.

We are in the internet age, where many things have changed. These days, you don’t get the news delivered at your doorstep in the newspaper anymore. You can order your food from your favorite  restaurant ,  or can shop for everything you need online. All this happens without leaving your house. Almost everything we do has changed over these years, so why wouldn’t marketing change as well?

They say that the traditional advertising such as print collateral or
Interactive Print advertising might be dead. Experts have been debating about the demise of traditional marketing as early as the late 1990s. It all started when the internet came & it became obvious that it came to stay. Despite all the claims of traditional marketing going away forever, it has still endured sticking around as a reliable source of marketing till date. Moreover, there are even advocates who argue that traditional advertising will never ever go away.

We are going to discuss the future of traditional advertising, and all the things about its future.

What is Traditional Marketing?
Before arguing about something, we should be clear about what it exactly is. By one standard definition, traditional advertising refers to the methods which companies have used for years, and have a proven achievement rate. It consists of all the methods of marketing apart from the internet marketing. Here, the methods of marketing have definitely changed, the meaning is still the same.

What is Print Marketing & Interactive Prints?

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Why Marketing Your Product is More Important Than You Think?

The finance department is considered as the brain of the business, the product offered is the body & the marketing department is the heart. This is because the marketing department taps oxygen & other nutrients to every part of the business. Hence, we can say that most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. Unlike the old times marketing no longer deals only with the communication of the products and services to the customers.


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Top tips on Running a Successful Marketing Campaign with a Photo Booth

When brainstorming for a new idea or a ‘growth hack’, innovation is the primary requisite. Every other company adopts different marketing campaign that can offer the target audience with a unique ‘n’ emotional experience. More importantly, it gives them the reason to use their brand or service. Companies have been trying growth hacks for long, and one of the old-yet-vintage hack is the photobooth - based marketing campaigns.

3 Reasons Why Marketing Campaigns Fail

Marketing and marketing campaigns are one of the most essential elements of your business. If you have been in business for some years then you must know how dedicatedly your marketing team is working to achieve the desired sales target. No matter how good or bad your products and services are, if you cannot take them to your target audience, they are of no use. You need to showcase your products and services in front of your customers, appeal and attract them towards your business. All these things when blended make up into a marketing campaign.

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Why Space Branding Matters for a Business


Ever imagined why young technical minds choose to work for top tech giants? Or what draws their attention? Well, there are many factors that encourage them to join top tech companies, and one such factor is the paycheck. Of course, when you get a text of salary getting credited to your account at the end of the month, it gives you a sense of contentment and happiness. But in a broader sense, money is not the only thing that attracts employees, but equally important are the office environment, work culture and office space. Today, companies are investing on their office spaces more than ever. Showcasing  happy employees, unique office interiors, facilities, and other aspects matter a lot, during the recruitment process.

Why Workplace Matters More Than You Think?

Shared Goals. If you operate out of a workplace you can relate to what this term means. In fact, there is no one more content than the ones working on a shared goal, with like-minded individuals. The zeal to excel, compete, and build something - all at the same point of time, make any workplace the perfect atmosphere to LEARN. Humans, by virtue of their existence are driven towards achieving one thing or the other. One might call it greed, while others may call it need - our existence is futile in the absence of goals.

5 Reasons why Customers Leave your Business and Tips to Retain Them

Businesses flourish and drive on the path to success when they have a good backing of happy customers.  In every business, earning a customer’s trust and loyalty is a challenge which requires good planning and investment of time and money.  If you are losing the number of your valuable clients, it is an alarming signal. There can be many factors that might be causing the loss of your clientele.

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