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THE Dream Team You Will Require to Deliver a SUCCESSFUL Experiential Marketing Campaign

When planning an experiential marketing campaign or an experiential event, you need to have a team with a diverse skill set running the show. Though more than technical skills, it is a team with the right attitude that can make the difference. An event can throw up surprises, in fact, no event goes as planned - and you have to be able to improvise to keep things on track. Before we look at the individual members and roles of an experiential marketing event management team, let us look at the skill set each of them should have.

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Why Experiential Marketing? Benefits and More

 If you are a regular reader of the blog, you are already familiar with what Experiential Marketing is. (If you are new here, you should start with our article: What is Experiential Marketing? The only answer you need.) Now let us look at why you should start employing the experiential marketing strategy for your brand. The benefits of experiential 

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What is Experiential Marketing? The only answer you need

The year was 1893. A few marketers thought that there were far too many firms selling various products to the same set of people. So many that the customer had no way of trying out most of them before deciding what to buy. Even the old ways of advertising, including experiential advertising, were losing their impact as too many products were being advertised. Something else needed to be done to entice the target customers by the latest offerings.  

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A-Z of Experiential Marketing

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5 Most Creative Marketing Trends of 2018


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Only Those Who Scan, Gain. Read How to Attract Customers with Interactive Print.

You want to move on from traditional marketing tactics, and embrace the inbound marketing philosophy. You like what you are learning about interactive advertising as a way to achieve this. But you have an existing ad inventory and letting it go seems wasteful. You do want to get better ROI from your advertisements but if you have to build everything from scratch, that purpose seems to have been defeated.

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