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Augmented Reality in The Field of Real Estate

Make house hunting simple and furniture shopping fun through features such as virtual property tours with Virtual & Augmented Reality Solutions for Real Estate Marketing.


The Indian Government introduced the Real Estate (Regulation & Development ) Act because of which investing in property is easier, more transparent and attractive now, developers & realtors now compete in a free market.

 You do not sell a house- you sell a dream and you cannot limit this dream to two dimensions. Your dream must grow beyond a dull promise on a grey newspaper, it must promise the future to your customers, one that uses technology to convince them.  

Initially, developers created digital designs of their high rise buildings. They added lush green trees to these designs and these designs took shape on a newspaper. But those days are long gone -a Real Estate revolution is coming and the future is NOW!

It is time to use Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality to advertise  to your customers and we thought we could help you get started.

Know How Augmented Reality Can Help Your Business 

With technologies such as Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality, property developers can showcase a 3D,  360°,  lifelike view of their properties via virtual tours of the construction projects, both inside and outside. All the customer needs to do is point their mobile device at the advertisement.  The blueprint of the house will come to life and the customer can now experience the house they want to buy, virtually.  

It is also possible to craft an experience unique to each customer. Instead of showcasing a single demo apartment to every customer, you can in-fact create custom apartment demos according to their taste and preferences. For example, a 3 BHK apartment demo for a bachelor could feature a bedroom, a TV lounge and a study room while on the other hand, the demo for a family could show a bedroom, a play room or study room and a home theatre.  

Personalising the customer's experience allows you to sell better and sell more. All you have to do is show your customers what their home exactly looks like. Once customers have seen that, they will never buy from a developer who promises anything short of it.

Cybercity Builders, Aparna Constructions, PBEL, Nagpal Developers & TVS Housing have realised this. They have already adopted Augmented Reality Real Estate marketing with our help, and it’s time for you to join the club and experience the benefits as well!

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Developers encounter other problems in marketing their projects that Augmented Reality can solve those problems by providing an immersive, virtual experience for the customers.  For instance, customers may not be able to visit the property themselves as they would  want to buy property before they move to a city or a NRI who is looking to invest in property. Virtual tours can come in very handy in situations like this. Last year, Redfin conducted a study on virtual property tours and they found out that one out of five customers would buy a home they have not visited physically. This year, the number increased to one in three customers. 41 % of millennials made offers on homes they had not seen in person.

Construction projects often undergo changes and it is very expensive and inconvenient to update them in a model apartment. Virtual Reality advertising can accommodate changes made during the construction or development phase as it is much easier to incorporate changes and update a virtual tour. This also ensures increased transparency between the developer and the customer where the customer stays up to date on any changes thereby increasing the credibility of the company as well.

Virtual & Augmented Reality can benefit Real Estate Agents too. The neighbourhood of a house is an important buying factor as people prefer localities with good schools, healthy facilities, friendly neighbours and nice parks and sometimes it is can get very difficult to convey all these needs to a real Estate agent. 

Online Indian realtor,, has released an Augmented Reality feature called “MakaanView”. Using MakaanView, you can point your phone at any building and check if it is available for rent. You can go to your favourite neighbourhood in the city and pick out all the buildings you like. You can wave your phone camera at them, and  then see all the apartment listings appear on your screen in real time, along with the prices. You can even find how far the building is from locations of our choice. You  can also compare the available listings within a particular radius. has made home-shopping very easy for users becoming an irresistible e-realtor choice when looking for homes online.


Buying homes is not the only experience made better by Augmented Reality. Buying furniture for homes is also way easier and much more fun now. You cannot bring each piece of furniture you like to your house but what you can do is use Augmented Reality to see how it would look in your house. The furniture company Ikea has developed an augmented reality app which allows users to see how new furniture would look like in their house. The users point their phone camera at a location in their house and select a piece of furniture that they want to “try out.” A 3D, realistic rendition of the furniture appears on their screen. Users can move around, rotate, change color and size of this rendition. Indian company UrbanLadder has a similar app called Living Spaces.

Beyond property and furniture,  America’s Home Depot’s has created an AR app through which users can move their phone around the room, and see the walls appear in different colors. They can compare different colors within the same room. They can choose the perfect color on their walls confidently without having to bring a painter home  or do trial paint patches on walls, helping save a lot of time and money.



Source: IKEA



Source: Home Depot’s Project Color

Designing a house is a permanent decision. Augmented reality applications are a convenient and reliable source of help, drastically redusing the risk of property related investments. If helping your consumers make informed and confident decisions is your priority, as it should be, then applications powered by AR and VR are the right fit for you.


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