8 Ways Augmented Reality Can Supercharge Your Sales in 2020

Augmented Reality can prove to be a powerful sales technology & sales enablement tool for your brand. Check out 8 ways in which AR can boost your sales and give your brand an extra edge over your competitors.

The sales profession, be it the door-to-door selling or automotive sales in showrooms, has evolved from pushy sales tactics to a more contextual, consultative, helpful, & human approach.

Using augmented reality in sales, you can boost the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales process as well as training new sales professionals to get them familiar with your products.

Through interactive digital content displayed in the live environment, the user can get instantly familiar with the relevance and context of your product and service. It automatically leads to quick decision-making, reduced sales cycle, low cost, and higher revenues.

Let us look at 8 ways in which augmented reality can impact your sales process and pave way for digital transformation in your organization:

1.Gain instant attention of prospects

"More than 50% of prospects want to see how your product works on the first call."(Source: Spotio)

Your business needs to grab the attention of your prospects and hold it long enough to make them engage with your product or service. Augmented reality, over the past 3 years, has successfully garnered mainstream attention, thanks to the wild popularity of AR games like Pokemon Go & Harry Potter Wizards Unite in 2019. When you showcase your product or service in an AR view in the real environment of your client, they are immediately attracted & engaged and become more open to a further discussion with you.

2.Interactive lead baits on multiple outbound channels

You must be already using outbound channels such as emails and social media for initial communication with your prospects. Imagine using a sample interactive AR experience of your product/service in this first contact itself!

augmented-reality-in-sales-product visualization

You can immediately pique the interest of your prospect with web-based augmented reality. An interactive experience before the meeting will also make them more likely to have an open conversation with you.

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3.Demonstrate product value

The key to a good sales pitch depends on how effectively you can communicate the benefits of the product and match it to the requirements of your prospects. A typical sales presentation usually details the product features through a powerpoint or print catalogue consisting of all product variations available.

If your product is a piece of heavy equipment such as medical devices or machinery, it becomes even more difficult to help your client visualize or imagine its utility in their environment. Using augmented reality, you can place the life-size 3D model of the product in the live environment and show instead of telling them about the product.

ar in sales_product visualization

4.Interactive storytelling

Modern sales is incomplete without the element of storytelling. People love stories and in the time when they are bombarded with marketing messages 24/7, you cannot expect to win their attention without a good story.

Augmented reality allows you to tell the story of your product or service while keeping your customer as the central character. The element of immersion with interactivity makes AR a perfect platform for product storytelling and increase the engagement of your buyers.

5.Reduce decision time & sales cycle

Through an effective immersive sales demo with augmented reality, your target group can understand the product in context to their environment. This reduces the need for multiple demos or researches your client might require to do on your product.

Moreover, with web-based augmented reality, they can simply distribute the WebAR URL within their internal group of stakeholders and decision-makers who can experience the product anytime anywhere. This speeds up the decision process and reduces sales cycle duration especially for complex industrial products.

6.Save time & transportation cost

Heavy industrial equipment and machinery, as well as complex medical equipment, cannot be easily transported for demonstration purposes. It is difficult to make the client visualize these products in their live environment.

With augmented reality, not only you can place life-size 3D models anywhere, but also let your prospects interact and customize the models in terms of features, colours, sizes, etc. This can also solve the space constraints in automobile showrooms where you cannot keep all variations of an automobile.

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7.Memorable customer experience

An immersive AR experience increases the brand recall value by many folds as compared to your regular sales presentation. Your prospects will remember your product or service after going through an interactive experience in augmented reality. Even if the deal is not closed immediately, your AR sales demonstration would be on top of their minds whenever they consider purchasing the product or service.

8.Structured & Standardized Sales Process

"Today’s sales professionals spend just 34% of their time selling. Sales teams struggle to keep up with data entry, quote generation, and other tasks that take them away from customers."

(Source: Salesforce).

An AR sales add-on integrated with your existing sales app or CRM can not only give a structure to your sales process but also enable your sales team with data-driven insights and sales analytics.

The system will automatically track salespeople and their meeting with prospects along with monitoring engagements with AR content. You can maintain a database of your prospects, salespersons, and engagement duration from a central dashboard.

BONUS: Quick & Effective Sales Onboarding

If you have read it this far, we have an additional bonus point to highlight a s benefits of augmented reality in sales.

Did you know that according to a recent survey, 84% of all sales training is lost after 90 days? This is largely due to the lack of information retention among sales personnel. (Source: Spotio)

In addition to it, 26% of reps say their sales training is ineffective whereas 27% of companies offer no sales onboarding program (Source: BrainShark )

AR can serve as an effective tool to increase information recall during training and onboarding process of new salespeople in your company. This is especially true if your product is a heavy, complex piece of industrial machinery or equipment that needs special care and precautions while handling.

Through 3D life-sized virtual models of such products and their different models and variations, you can train your workforce more effectively and efficiently without any need of physical products. This can also reduce manual intervention and save time on training as you can simply give them tabs or webAR URLs to experience and learn about the products rather than reading about them in boring catalogues or manuals.

Summing It Up

Augmented Reality has travelled a long distance from being information providing a display to face filters to amazing interactive experiences and it isn’t going to stop.

Beyond entertainment and fun experiences, AR is proving to be a powerful sales technology and sales enablement platform. Brands have only begun to realize the impact that augmented reality can have on their workflows.

2020 is the year when more business organizations would be open to adopting AR in their technology stack. Moreover, with the emergence of WebAR, you do not even need a separate enterprise app if you want to experiment with AR experiences.

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WOWSOME is actively working for over the past 4 years to streamline quick AR adoption. With our ready-made product modules and creative storytelling expertise, we can help you adopt AR in your organization.

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