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Augmented Reality for Child Development

Augmented reality can help children learn, create and socialize during their formative years. Several companies are building Virtual and Augmented Reality gadgets, using storytelling, gaming and painting to help children learn and communicate effectively.

They say that immersive reality is for the future. But it doesn’t have to be. Think about introducing your child to the world of immersive media right from their developmental stages. If they simply learn about its wide range of opportunities, imagine how they can change the future of AR and VR altogether.

Research shows that early childhood is the most impressionable phase for the social and emotional well being of a child. A study shows that children who receive early education tend to earn $2000 more than those who don’t. Childhood development also reduces economic deficits proving to be the highest return on investment (ROI). But we know how hard it is to get children interested in reading books or playing board games. So, where exactly does AR come into play here? Many researches have proved that playing is actually most efficient way for a child's learning and development. Making education fun and interactive for them is the key to their growth and immersive reality would help them achieve that goal.

Many parents might be against technology as that limits the child’s exposure to the real world. However, AR, MR and VR constantly tries to connect technology to the physical world that does not just include people to sitting in one place.

BEAM Interactive Gaming ProjectorSource

BEAM is an interactive gaming projector for kids that gives your child the space to explore unlimited gaming options all in one area. To try something on a pocket level budget, there are various Augmented Reality apps for kids giving a more portable experience.

RealiToy AppSource

Apps such as Realitoy and ReadAR creates virtual images on screen around the physical space provided to it with the camera. This can be used for enjoyable storytelling, learning the ABCs of everything and much more.

Virtual reality learning can divert the kids to a whole different world, leaving no space for any distractions. Just like Tilt Brush which is a creative platform for painting in 3D with virtual reality. Looks almost too good to be true doesn’t it?

Tilt Brush GoogleSource

But not everyone manages to get their heads on fancy headsets. This is why companies try to create gadgets that can be used at home with the user’s convenience. Google Cardboard Viewer is a cheap virtual reality headset that does exactly that, but in a simpler manner with the help of your smartphone. These are ways that make it easier for immersive reality to reach the majority of population so that they can then pass down that knowledge to their newbies.

Google Cardboard

With the use of such technology, parents can be more involved in their child’s learning as well as monitor their progress. Through amusing group games even the shy ones would not be able to resist interaction with the others. This goes on to sharpen their team work as well as social behaviours. Compared to the other traditional forms of games, AR makes it  realistic for children to connect to. A commendable feature includes not only improving the average kid’s mind but also helping autistic ones rediscover their amazing skills through virtual reality games for autism. In such ways, immersive reality is rapidly expanding its horizon in not only what they want to create next but also in ensuring making sure that everyone gets a taste of it right from the beginning.

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