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Augmented Reality Altering Healthcare and Medicine

Augmented Reality glasses have disrupted the entire medical industry. Learn how augmented reality is being used in medical sciences, personal healthcare, and in hospitals to help people stay fit, to cure ailments, to aid the disabled, and to spread awareness through interactive print ads.

Augmented Reality's applications are reaching almost every industry today. Healthcare industry too is utilising this new-age technology to make lives easier and better. When the early innovations in Augmented Reality showed promise, researchers started to make effective use of Augmented Reality to assist in buying medicines, in studying medical science, in performing surgeries, in treating minor ailments, and in keeping people fit. Have a look at a list of intriguing applications of augmented reality in healthcare and medicine and see how 'an app a day keeps the doctor away'.

Stay fit!

Do you think you can outrun zombies? Are you bold and energetic enough to challenge these creatures to catch you in time? If yes, you are on your way to achieve a great level of fitness. An augmented reality app called 'Zombies, Run!'  will help you to reach your fitness goals by letting the zombies loose after you. You just wear your AR glasses and see them chasing you. Run faster to save yourself. If you're still slow, you can use a cheat-code and reduce the speed of those zombies too.


An aid for the disabled


For example,  Aira has recently come up with an AR glass to assist visually impaired people in their daily lives and to inform them about the obstacles that they might face. This had transformed the lives of visually impaired people who could be more independent now. This augmented reality application can also be used by partially blind people. Aira directly connects to an “Aira agent”, a human assistant, who can see what lies in the path of the visually impaired individual and then guide them about the situation in real time. The “Aira agent” is a  human assistant, but this solution could also use artificial intelligence in the near future. This advancement helps the visually impaired to read text, view their environment, and other faces.  

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Doctors' new best friend

Physical health has always been one of the most important aspects of our lives. We all try to find the best doctors when we fall sick. Augmented reality is transforming medical health care and it is making it more accessible to different classes of people. It is also making the doctor's work much easier. The best doctors are now using augmented reality not only to detect and identify the patient’s problems but also to cure them. Augmented reality and medical healthcare come together to provide the most efficient experience that one can have with healthcare.

Augmented Reality is also revolutionising the way doctors are performing operations. Examining a patient's affected body part is now easier with 3D X-rays. Applications like Medsights tech makes it easier for doctors to look at tumour in 3D. This doesn't even require the patients to undergo any radiation to detect their tumours. AR is making the process of cancer detection easier and harmless to the patient’s body and this in itself is a great moment in the history of medicine and  medical technology.

Another application EyeCAD enables dentists to see the structure of teeth clearly, thereby allowing them to look at all the parts of the teeth which aren’t easily visible while conducting dental surgeries.

Saviour of students studying medicine



HoloAnatomy, powered by Microsoft’s HoloLens, is another powerful application that has not only revolutionised the way doctors view human bodies but has also changed the way it is studied. Using this AR application, doctors can see the augmented muscles and the veins of their patients without even touching  their skin. Students can also use this technology to learn anatomy without dissecting any real bodies. This would enable them to understand anatomy and medical sciences better.


 Up in the Air

Not only on ground, but AR is also contributing to healthcare in sky and in space. In-flight emergencies can be dangerous when there is no doctor on a plane. But with the help of a new software from Vital Enterprises, anyone can wear the AR glass and the image of the plane would be directed to a doctor on ground. The doctor on ground would then explain the procedure to the person on the plane who can conduct the procedure. 

  Pain Management

Another interesting application of AR in the medical industry is Pain management. A great way to cure pain temporarily is to distract the patient in something more engaging which diverts attention from the pain. One may forget their pain when they are distracted and what is a better way to be distracted than to be exploring an AR world? Various doctors use this procedure of getting their patients to wear AR glasses when they are conducting stress tests or pain tests.

 Be your own doctor, almost


Vivid Vision is a software which is designed to correct lazy eye. This uses software Augmented Reality glasses to increase the brightness of an eye that is dimmer than the other by using the image of brightly shaded Rubik’s cube. This simple software could let people correct lazy eye in their own homes, eliminating the need for a doctor if and when AR glasses become cheaper in the future. 


Apollo Hospital Interactive Print Ad-1

Spread Awareness

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Interactive print, apps to treat ailments, and augmented characters running behind you to keep you fit - this is just the beginning. Take a stroll on 'Zombies, Run!' and when you return, the best cures to ailments will just be a tap away. If all this has already happened, just imagine what more wonders are waiting.  


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