Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality Dining Experience

Augmented Reality will take restaurant dining to a new level. From finding a great table, to crafting your own healthy meal and witnessing its preparation and history, having fun with friends and family and sharing the experience with the world, dining will never be the same again.

 The food and restaurant industry has rapidly evolved over the past couple of decades. With online delivery, reviews, ratings and hyperlocal search, the process of discovering a restaurant has been hugely simplified. As a result, the modern diner has even more dining options, which are easier to discover, visit and dine at. 

However, has technology really impacted the dining experience? Customers’ experience prior to visiting the restaurant has been revamped, but the dining experience is largely the same. Augmented Reality technology is here to change that. 

The highlights of a fine dining experience are
1. A great table
2. Fun with Friends and Family
3. A meal crafted just for you
4. A Fiery Feast preparation
5. Healthy and Historical Food
6. A Shared Social Experience

Let us see how Augmented Reality technology can enhance these experiences :-
Click here to know everything about Augmented RealityA great table
A great table is necessary for a great dining experience. Different diners have different criteria for a good table. While business diners would prefer a table in a quiet area to facilitate conversation, friends meeting over dinner would prefer to soak in the music and the ambience. A solitary diner might prefer an outdoor table for a better view, while a couple might prefer a cozy indoor dining experience.

la petit restaurant augmented reality dining table experience food

La Petit's Augmented Reality Dining Table

Augmented Reality restaurant apps can allow people to check out a table before booking. From the view and the ambience, to the sound levels, diners can choose the augmented reality tables they would truly enjoy and optimize their augmented reality dining experience.


Fun with Friends and Family
Foosball and beer pong are not the only games available to diners who want a lively, playful dining experience. With Augmented Reality, the dinner table can be turned into a playground. Whether it is interactive board games or visually rich adventure games, diners can partake in gameplay while dining with technology. With Augmented Reality powered games and mobile apps, such gaming experiences can be re-created anywhere, anytime.

Augmented Reality Board Game


For parents of young children, this is a godsend. Parents no longer need to be embarrassed in front of other diners because of ruckus created by their noisy children. With augmented reality games available on the table, engaging children is as easy as a pie. For groups of friends seeking a fun night out, Augmented Reality games can double the fun. Bring your own games and entertainment with you, just with your smartphones.

A meal crafted just for you
Everyone enjoys when a meal is crafted to their specifications, keeping their preferences in taste and texture in mind. But sometimes, describing how you want your meal to be prepared is not enough. What if you could pick and choose ingredients, see how different the meal would look, and get your meal prepared in the same way?

Nutritional Customized Meal

Source: Nestle Professional

With Augmented Reality food apps, it is possible to customize your meal with ingredients and garnishing. Diners can preview how their meal would look and send the exact visual description to the chef. No longer will things be lost in translation. With Augmented Reality cooking, a truly customized meal is just a few clicks away.

A Fiery Feast preparation
Watching someone cook noodles is hardly interesting. However, witnessing a chef craft a meal, blend in spices and ingredients surrounded by fire and oil is very engaging.

What if you could witness the chef preparing your meal before you book your table at an augmented cafe or an augmented reality restaurant? The anticipation and expectation of the augmented reality dining experience would be amped up. You would know exactly what to expect. You could even specify your preferred preparation method, and watch the chef create your masterpiece.

Chef cooking Fire in Frying Pan


Augmented Reality restaurant menus and billboards can be overlaid with videos of the chef preparing the dishes. Whether you want a meal prepared in a fiery inferno, or one cooked over gentle embers, Augmented Reality food menus have got you covered.

Healthy and Historical Food
Your food is not just a meal. It has a rich history behind it. It has evolved over decades and centuries. It has traveled over high seas, transformed into new forms, incorporated cultural influences and passed down generations.

Historical Food Pictures


With Augmented Reality technology, you no longer have to rely on your server to narrate the story of your food. With point and scan apps, information about your food and its history will be available to you, without disrupting your augmented reality dining experience. This is also very useful for health conscious dining. With nutritional information at your fingertips, coupled with information about the preparation process, diners can make a well informed, healthy meal choice through augmented reality ordering system in restaurants. Health and history combined - what’s cooler than that !

A Shared Social Experience
Your augmented reality dining experience does not finish with “Cheque please”. Your friends want to know about your dining experience. Other diners want to know about the augmented reality restaurant. With AR, you can share your dining experience in an immersive, engaging fashion.

Social Dining Experience


A multi sensory augmented reality dining experience cannot be fully conveyed in words or pictures. 360 degree restaurant videos, videos of your ordering experience, the sights and the sounds that capture the ambience can virtually transport a prospective diner into the restaurant. With Augmented Reality powered Social Media and Restaurant Review services, you can truly share your experience with the world. 

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Congratulations, you just experienced what would it be like to dine at a futuristic, augmented reality restaurant. You no longer hope that you’ll get a good table. You experience it, and then you choose it. You don’t have to worry about entertainment at the restaurant - Augmented Reality games take care of your worries. You get a meal fully customized for your palate, and you witness the augmented chef prepare it just for you. You enjoy the food, unencumbered by worries about your health. With each morsel, you relive the history of your food. Finally, you share your immersive and engaging dining experience with the rest of the world.

Fantastic, Isn’t it?

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