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7 Ways to Convince Your Boss to Adopt Experiential Marketing

It could be challenging to convince your senior executives to try experiential marketing in your organization. Follow these seven steps to gain their approval and full support to enter the world of interactive marketing.

Have you ever tried to pitch an out-of-the-box marketing plan to your boss but failed to convince?

How often have you felt that your company needs a fresh marketing approach but it is difficult to get the executive buy-in to try out new things? 

When it comes to interactive marketing, things might get even more complicated due to the wide range of experiential marketing technologies available that are not understood by many people on senior posts.

We, at WOWSOME, also face this situation on a regular basis given that the mixed reality marketing space is still relatively new in India. However, with the right planning and approach, convincing stakeholders to try experiential marketing could become a lot easier.

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Today we are going to share 7 key steps you must follow when you pitch to senior executives to gain their approval (and most importantly, budget!) for an experiential marketing campaign:

1. Be Clear on the 'Why'

Marketing leadership is often wary of the fancy tricks and marketing fads that just leak resources without generating enough ROI.

So, make sure your pitch begins with a clear idea of the objectives of the campaign and a clear understanding of how you are measuring the outcomes of your campaign or experiential event instead of just glorifying experiential marketing.


set goals of your experiential marketing campaign


Have a clear idea of how this experiential event would help the organization boost their marketing efforts. This will allow the executives to have the end in sight and keep them from getting distracted or confused in the middle of your presentation.


2. Demonstrate the Effectiveness of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Why does your organization need an interactive campaign? What unique benefits of experiential marketing would apply to your brand?

This is the time to show them some examples of experiential marketing campaigns and explain to them how companies have used interactive marketing in past to connect with their customers. It'd be great if you could bring best examples of marketing your competitors who might have tried similar strategies in past with success.


3. Back Up Your Claims with Data and Authentic Reports

Nobody likes random claims without facts or numbers to support them. And when it is the question of considerable financial investment, we recommend you do your research properly and present your arguments backed by data from certified sources.


use facts and authentic data to substantiate your claims - team meeting


Instead of just saying that experiential marketing helps in improving brand perception engagement or engagement, cite the figures from the latest research to make your arguments convincing.


4. Clearly Communicate the KPIs and ROI of the Campaign

No matter how awesome the concept of experiential marketing sounds, at the end of the day, senior executives want clear results.

Unless you explain what would be the key performance indicators of your interactive campaign, you cannot set appropriate goals. In the absence of this direction, it would be impossible to measure the ROI of your experiential campaign and to show the benefits of your experiential marketing campaign - which could be a deal breaker for your leadership to give you the approval.


5. Prepare the List of Resources Required in Advance

When you are going to pitch a new experiential marketing idea to your executives or decision-makers, it is not just enough to explain them what is experiential marketing or how it can help your next product launch. Make sure you make them aware of all resources, both physical and financial, required to execute the experiential marketing idea.


plan your resources ahead in advance


This includes experiential marketing resources such as tech and hardware, number of people required for creative briefing, tech implementation, on-ground execution, or the cost of hiring an experiential marketing agency to do everything for you.


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6. Have the Initial Road-Map and Plan of Action Ready

You might not be sure about how exactly the campaign would be executed at this stage. But, while pitching the experiential marketing idea also, have the first plan of action ready and share it in brief towards the end of your presentation.

This will help build the trust and confidence of your marketing executives on you to handle the experiential event and deliver the promises of interactive marketing. Moreover, the exercise would help you gain clarity and formulate the strategy of the experiential campaign in advance.


7. Leave Some Room to Address Questions and Concerns

Last but not the least, have extra time at your disposal before you end the pitch to address concerns and questions from your stakeholders.

In fact, you must encourage them to ask and seek clarifications especially if your proposal demands the use of modern technology like mixed reality or augmented reality in your marketing campaign. And for that, ensure in advance that you are also clear on how the tech would play a role in your interactive campaign.


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Gaining the approval of your stakeholders or senior executives is the most crucial part of executing a successful experiential marketing campaign. Any kind of experiential campaign would cost you a considerable amount of time, money, and human resource to deliver the required results.

Unless you are trusted and backed by your management, it could be challenging to get successful results from  an experiential marketing campaign. So, make sure you follow the above steps to get the necessary internal buy-in or to convince your boss for your next interactive campaign!