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7 Very WOWSOME Reasons to Work with Us

Comfy office space, start-up culture, parties, fun environment, work from home, and what not! Read about many reasons to work with us.


You cannot create out of a cluttered mind.

Like any Start-up, we also  believe in delivering our  best and excelling at what we do. However what we equally believe in is, creating a work environment that is conducive for people to excel and thrive in.  From our workspace, office, work policies, everything is curated keeping this thought in mind.

WOWSOME employees working at We Work BKC Enam Sambhav's cool workplace

      WOWSOME's Work Environment

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After working for 3 months at WOWSOME, here are some reasons why I love it, and by the time you finish reading this list, you will too!

         1. A little bit of everything

Okay, so you probably have heard this one a lot, but it is the truest and marvelous of all: there’s no saying as to what I get to work on tomorrow. Now, this doesn’t mean there is no structure or method to my work. In fact, we at WOWSOME pay a great deal of attention to detail. However, when I look back at my 3 months here, I could not have anticipated the kind of things I worked on, or the people I got to interact with based on my job description!     

         2. Dexter's Laboratory Much?

We are always experimenting and we are always learning. WOWSOME is 3 years old, and we have already delivered over 1500 mixed reality campaigns successfully. But if you browse through our projects so far, no two activations would be similar, neither was our approach to them. 

A typical morning at WOWSOME

         3. We have bunk beds. Enough Said.

The buzz around town is that startups have some of the coolest working spaces and (obviously) our work space game is 10/10. WOWSOME Mumbai & Bangalore are based out of the very hip and happening co-working space We Work in the hubs BKC and Residency Road respectively. Our Hyderabad workspace, or what we fondly call our ship, is a space that screams geeks can use technology to have fun and every non-techie hops on-board soon enough!

         4. Everyday is a Yayday!

Our workspaces are very conducive to the mantra- Work Hard and Party Harder! And not all these parties are about loud music and alcohol (we do that too). Some days, lunch hours segway into impromptu rounds of UNO and other days a song playing in the background is suddenly a chorus the whole office breaks into before getting back to their screens. Basically, no day is a dull day.

 WOWSOME employees celebrating at the inauguration of their new office - WOWSOME-ship at The Platina, Hyderabad

WOWSOME Team at the Inauguration of their new office WOWSOME-ship in Hyderabad

         5. The When, Where and How - Work From Home

Our work hours are as flexible as they get. You can be a morning person or a nocturnal animal, we’ve got room for everyone’s preferences! Don’t feel like getting out of pyjamas and adulting today? Sure, stay in and work remotely. The goal is to be as productive as possible without any hassle coming your way, and every effort is made to ensure that you're happy doing what you're doing.




         6. So 21st Century

WOWSOME is a super inter-disciplinary space. We cover the entire spectrum from a coder to an engineer to the economist and the historian. We have the gamers and the dancers. We’ve got the creatives and the business oriented. Each one has a different perspective to bring forth and every perspective is weighed equally. The result of which is intellectually stimulating conversations and debates which eventually reflect in our work, be it internally or in our products and solutions. Ultimately, these are also learnings and make for a great growth component on a personal level.

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         7. Trivia: Pizza Parties make your employees more productive than the fear of authority

As a young person who is here to explore and learn, one of the first things that struck me was the idea that authority is not fear. We were never told how to address our reporting managers (it feels weird calling them that now), nor do they have cabins to lock themselves up in. Of course, hierarchies exist, and they are important- but they are never imposed. The result of this attitude is reflected in the friendly and not-so-stressful environment in the office, often a surprise to the new employees and interns.    



 The intention here is not to create a rosy picture- we work with varied industries and most of our clients are not well-versed with the technologies we use. This comes with often unforeseeable constraints apart from the usual ones such as tight deadlines-most of these unavoidable. We simply aim to create an environment that will make it easier and less frustrating to navigate around such obstacles.

We like to call ourselves storytellers, and our medium happens to be technology, mixed reality to be specific. We have a fantastic team of techies, writers, and designers who add their creative imprints on the experiential marketing that we create for people to experience like never before. We are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution as we speak and its only inevitable that the industries and their demands are dynamic and ever-changing. Our aim is not to find a comfort zone in this scenario but to keep pushing the boundaries and discover new things- and if that is not incentive enough to hop on board, I can't imagine what is!

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