6 Outstanding Examples of Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Some of the best experiential marketing campaigns have used Virtual Reality Sky-diving, GPS enabled bottle that guides tourists to a museum, VR to let customers experience the joy of giving, an augmented reality arcade game, refreshing misting stations, & more. See what you can learn from them.

Experiential Marketing is the haven of marketeers who seek to abandon the age old traditional marketing avenues and strike right to the consumers hearts. This form of marketing allows brands to engage with customers in meaningful, measurable and immersive ways that leave a lasting impression. In this digital age, it has become more important than ever for brands to set themselves apart in any way they can. Some brands have been quick in adopting the wave of Experiential Marketing to create marketing campaigns that were truly memorable. In this article we will take a look at some examples of the best experiential marketing campaigns and what we can learn from them.  

Pepe Jeans Extreme Catwalk in 360º

Imagine if you could catwalk at 300km/h at a height of 4km from the ground without moving from your place. Seems incredible? Well, that’s what happens when two brands like Red Bull and Pepe Jeans come together. To market their latest jeans collection inspired by the Infinity Red Bull racing team, Pepe Jeans had a photoshoot while the models skydived from a height of 4 kms!!

This photoshoot was recorded and converted into a Virtual Reality experience for people to witness. Across many Pepe Jeans stores in Europe people could experience this extreme marketing event while hanging from a harness and using Samsung’s Gear Virtual Reality headset. They also created a website for users to witness it from home. This marketing campaign went viral and created a lot of hype for their new collection.  


Heineken’s “Bottle With A Mission”

Heineken is a much more than a beer brand and to show that, they launched the ‘Heineken Experience’ in Amsterdam which is a brewery transformed into a museum. To market this place they came up with a campaign which is a perfect example of GPS technology used for experiential marketing in the right way.

They engineered GPS-enabled bottles that turned into compass/guides around the city. Putting them at random places across the city, they let the bottles do everything. With inbuilt GPS and vibration sensors, the bottles took the lucky ones who picked them on a treasure hunt across the city which ended at the Heineken Experience museum.

They became the talk of the town with this viral campaign and created a huge buzz among the tourists visiting Amsterdam. This immersive marketing campaign was truly an example of innovative use of engineering in experiential marketing.


TOM's Virtual Giving Trip

TOM’s is a shoe company with a purpose. For every pair of shoe that you buy from them, they give away one to a child in Peru through their Giving partners. To make their customers experience the joy of giving and the impact of everything that they buy from them, they took the help of Virtual Reality. They recorded one of their Giving Partners on their visit to Peru in Virtual Reality.

The journey from driving to the heartland to playing with the kids and gifting them the shoes was recorded for the customers to witness first-hand. They put Virtual Reality headsets at more than 100 stores in the US, where customers could take a trip down to Peru and experience the brand and the positive impact of their purchase. They also put up this short film online for people across the world to see. Here’s a clip for you to see:



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M&M ARcade

m&m's caramel - times unsquare - arcade game in newyork with blippar augmented reality app


When M&M wanted to launch their new Caramel candy, they went a lot of extra miles and transformed the whole Times Square in New York into an Augmented Reality arcade (ARcade). To implement their marketing techniques effectively, they partnered with the Blippar augmented reality app and reserved billboards in Times Square which displayed their candy.

The users had to scan these billboards using Blippar's augmented reality application on their smartphones and tablets to access an arcade of vintage games that brought a sense of nostalgia to the whole experiential marketing campaign. For other users across the country, they let the users scan the candy wrappers using the augmented reality app to get the same AR arcade gaming experience on their phones. This boosted their sales across the country and created a strong brand association of fun and childhood nostalgia for them.



Lipton Misting Stations

To market their cool and refreshing Ice Tea in Australia, Lipton partnered with JCDecaux to promote their drink and convey a memorable message about their drink. To demonstrate the refreshing nature of their beverage they set up ‘Misting stations’ across few cities in Australia. These stations had a button on them which released a whiff of mist that refreshed the users who pressed it. Putting them near the bus stations got them widespread engagement and put across their intended message in a way that left a good impression the users and made them feel great at the same time.


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Facebook IQ Live

Facebook is the go-to platform to digitally market to the millennial age of consumers but even they need to market themselves at times. To communicate how different Facebook products can help businesses reach out to their customers and leverage the data and insights available on their platform, they created an experiential marketing campaign called Facebook IQ Live.

As part of this, they organised events across multiple cities in the US in which they took a physical space and transformed it into interactive spaces such as IQ Mart, Instagram Cafe and a Home. IQ Mart showed the journey of a customer from product discovery to actually buying on Facebook. Instagram Cafe demonstrated what new-age moms are sharing on Instagram.

The Home brought to life the dependence of a family with a newborn on Facebook. The whole experiential event brought to life thousands of insights that people missed and businesses could take advantage of. It got them a 93% success rate and huge positive vibe from business owners. 



With each passing day, as the trends in experiential marketing are changing, more and more brands are embracing experiential marketing technologies such as Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality technology to create powerful experiences for customers to engage with.

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Experiential Marketing strategies have empowered brands to effectively market to customers in unimaginable number of ways. As we saw in this article, brands have found innovative marketing methods to convey a brand message, strengthen brand associations and create lasting impressions on users.

So why don’t you create a WOWSOME experiential marketing strategy today to engage your customers in innovative and immersive ways?


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