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5 Most Creative Marketing Trends of 2018

Move beyond SEO keywords. If you want to sell all your products even before they're built, learn from these latest creative marketing trends.


It has never been more exciting to be a marketer. We live in a dynamic world where fads come and go at speeds never seen before, and as a creative marketer, you have to be on your toes – try our new ways to address your target market almost every day. Some of these trials would turn out to be winners, while others might fail soon. Undoubtedly, this leads to frustration as a tactic that worked very well a couple of weeks back, will suddenly stop working as the fad it rode on fades away. That said, there are long-term marketing trends that have emerged in 2018 which you cannot miss out on as these are here to stay. Listed below are the recent marketing trends that will help you achieve a deeper engagement with your target group. 



Tesla Model 3 has been one of the biggest success stories this year. Even before a single car was built, the company had thousands of units sold. In fact, the company had not even mobilized enough resources to build as many cars as they had already sold. Do not be fooled into thinking that only a visionary company can achieve something like this. All crowdfunded projects follow the same model. This is not something new – years back when Lord of the Rings film series was planned, Peter Jackson sold it to the distributors before the film was made. Such a huge investment in an indie film that was yet to be made was unheard of back in the day. But in 2018, the older strategy of building something that the market will find of value, then marketing it to the right target group and finally selling the finished product has become obsolete.

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Now, you have to start by marketing your product well before you build it. Ask your buyers to put in the money if they see value in what you have to offer, figure out exactly what the demand is and only then worry about manufacturing it. If needed, make a dummy product your prospects can interact with. Advances made in mixed reality solutions have reached a point where any physical product can be built virtually at a reasonably low cost. 3D printing can also help with the low cost, quick to market models. But what if you find that no one wants to preorder your product? Well, you just escaped a huge failure. Now is the time to move on to a different product.

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Last few years have seen many large-scale influencer marketing efforts. Marketers have flocked to social media personalities who have at least 100,000 followers. But it has become increasingly clear that such influencers tend to result in very few converts, and hardly any who buy into the brand longer. 2018 is seeing a shift towards micro-influencers. These are accounts with fewer followers, but command undivided attention of their followers. The trust these accounts have built is far stronger than the traditional influencers, and their followers are more likely to support them through the purchase of products they market. Remember that no one believes that a social media personality with over 100,000 followers depends on the marketing campaigns to buy their bread-and-butter, but micro-influencers tend to depend on their followers for their livelihood. And therefore, their followers and supporters are willing to spend hard-earned money to support them.



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For a long time keywords have been the mainstay of SEO efforts. 2018 is seeing a shift away from this. The audience today is looking for subject matter experts who can answer their questions, and the semantic algorithms that drive the search rankings have learned to look for the same. No more do you need to worry about stuffing the right keywords into your content – if it is a well-written piece that adds value to the reader, the semantics will let the search engine decide that it should be ranked high when users search for certain key topics. Your focus should now be on creating a cluster of articles that cover every aspect of the topic you are addressing. Create a keystone article – that is a long-form piece that does a deep dive into the topic and build small articles around it that explain each aspect in a short article. Build linkages between these articles – with each piece of content linked to at least 5 other pieces – allowing the reader, and search engine’s crawler, to dig deep into your website.



2017 saw VR and a bunch of different headsets dominate the media waves, 2018 has belonged to augmented reality. The success of Pokemon Go has made the masses familiar with the technology. It is no more limited to a few fancy handsets but is available on almost any smartphone. Advertisements that lack personal touch are beginning to lose audience to advertisements that allow for interactions through augmented reality. The gap between the digital and physical world is being rapidly bridged by these technologies, and any marketer who ignores this trend will soon be ignored by her audience.





Surface level personalization has been around for more than a decade now. If your mass mailers do not address the consumer by her name, you have already lost her interest. But this is no more enough to impress the consumers of 2018. She is broadcasting a lot of information about her – you should already know her interests, the links she has clicked on, the mailers she has opened, the previous interactions she has had with you. Your communications have to take all this into account and provide a much deeper personalization. Coca-Cola achieved a 7% increase in young adult consumption just by personalizing their product through Share a Coke” campaign. Paper Style’s found their open rates go up by as much as 244% once they personalized their mailers based on whose wedding is being planned for. These are only indicative examples. Once your customer knows that you know her pain point, she will stay with you longer.



SEO keywords are old school. Interactive Print, Augmented Reality, Personalized content, micro-influencing on social media sites, etc are trending. Try any of the above creative marketing methods to stand out as a marketer. To know in detail about any of innovative and experiential, check our blog (

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